20 Days To Break A Habit…….

March 29, 2007 at 4:46 pm (Google Earth, John Battelle, Kevin Federline, Rebecca Solnit, Second Life, Wanderlust, Worldwide)


……….20 days to make one – ok so I know I’ve been crazy slack at blogging recently so I’m really gonna try hard and get back into it although I’d rather be out walking the city listening to tunes. I’ve been reading this book for the past couple of days – Wanderlust: The History of Walking – its soooo good.
First up, I heard about this Keven Federline branded search engine Search With Kevin – its powered by Yahoo and is obviously not aimed at me but I think its a really good idea. The thing I think is interesting is whether or not the people that pay for the branding (Kev’s record label) have access to the search data – imagine that, you’d be able to directly tap into the mind set of your audience – find out exactly what they were up to, or at least things that they’re into. I was chatting to someone the other day who mentioned this guy John Battelle who seems to be some kind of search guru – anyway he calls search engines “databases of intentions” which is a really good term – knowing the ‘intentions’ of your audience surely is one of the most important tools there is so by having your own ‘database’ that your customers use would just be amazing.

Here are a couple of interesting articles from earlier in the year about how Google is maybe planning on moving into the virtual world territory a la Second Life but using Google Earth – articles from Tech Crunch and Google Earth Blog – I don’t know about Google Earth becoming a virtual social type thingy  – the great thing about Second Life is that it only exists virtually – who knows, watch this space.


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January 2, 2007 at 5:34 pm (iphone, ipod, Podwalks, Wikimapia, Wikipedia, Worldwide)

ford-henry-ford-model-t.jpgPart 1: So Josh from Blog On The Motorway coined a nice new phrase the other day whilst driving up the Pacific Coast – Cwiki. Its an amalgamation of Car and Wikipedia and basically its just wikipeding (sic) towns that you go through on a road trip to keep boredom at bay. I love this idea. It would be tricky in the UK because we don’t all have sidekicks with good + cheap internet but imagine if you had an inbuilt tinternet in your car. Loads of people have DVD players in their cars and people seem to have lots of GPS map things like the Tom Tom with its fucking horrendously dubbed ads. Anyway imagine if it was all integrated – you just push a button and it tells you all about the place that you’ve driven through.


Part 2: Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of podwalks (podcasted walking tours of different areas of London, LA etc) and one in particular caught my attention. Robert Wright hosts podwalks of London but at the beginning of the walk he might read you something about the area that you’re about to walk in from a book he’d read at the weekend. That book would have been kindly donated by Anthem press who sponsor his podwalk. Thats will be the last you hear of Anthem Press but later as you’re walking down the Kings Road he might point out a Waitrose or John Lewis who also sponsor the walks. Now its super unintrusive the way he does it and I really like the way that a simple podwalk has maybe 4 different sponsors and they are all quite relevant (Waitrose have nice sandwiches and you might need one after walking for a while, if you enjoy walking around London you might me more inclined to go buy a book about LDN)

iphone.gifPart 3: Aaaaaanyway just think about what you could do if you had onboard tinternet. You’re driving to Pasadena and the machine is telling you were to go, you drive by a little village and read that there’s an old church or something and a little out crop of old houses. You click on another link and you have a guided tour streamed into the car stereo telling you about all the stuff that you’re driving past (this could include restuarants, bars, historic places of interest even good places to park). What I like about this is that it could be locally produced, imagine driving though some old Cotswolds village and having real testimony or stories from old folks that have lived there for 80 years and how life has changed etc. Ooooh then people could leave comments on how interesting or helpful they found it like Amazon – I think this could all tie in with the whole Wikimapia thing – I guess all we need now is cheap tinternet in cars or on our phones – ooh if it was an iphone you might be able to get free downloads of local bands playing in that area tonight. Hmmm thats quite a good idea actually – ok I’m signing off for a bit. Laters.


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Get Your Learn On Vol.1

November 18, 2006 at 4:05 am (Albums, Baile Funk, Blogs, books, Celebrity Stuff, chicken noodle soup, Classics, Crosby, Future Classic, Grumble Grumble, Jefferson Airplane, Jungle, Live Vicariously, Mixtape, random, Read About It, Songs, Stills and Nash, Summer Banger!!!, techno, Worldwide)

girlstudy.jpgZoop zoop! So I rounded up some love tinternet today and here it is for you. I’m super in love or in awe of Second Life – I can’t get it on my wack-top as its too old but the time I spent in SL was amazing and I can’t wait to get back in there – seriously its the future kids!

boystudy.gifRead all about day to day shizz on SL on New World Notes. There is a really interesting article about SL sign up and membership here.

So there is this podcast that I have loved for a while that was given during SXSW 2006 between Craig from Craigslist and the dude from Wikipedia, I mean kids you need this Big Fucking Interesting Podcast.

Y’all who are into this shizz need to listen to this Town Hall Second Life Pcast. Town Hall – Nov 16th 2006. Here is an mp3 of the main guys at Linden Labs (the guys that run Second Life) chatting about SL and answering questions from kids in SL. nicenice.

OK – so as per my rant yesterday eve – I think everyone should read this article from the NY Times about the Brand Underground. Whats up with these kids!

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Guess Who’s Back?

October 25, 2006 at 8:11 pm (Albums, Blogs, Classics, Future Classic, Mixtape, Summer Banger!!!, Worldwide)

Sorry blog people for being so lame and not updating so much of late but I’ve been working and going out and generally not being sat in front of my computer with a beer which some may say is healthy. Anyway I finished my job today which was sad as all the people that I worked with were really cool and I would have liked to stay but I guess Manchester and NY will be cool. Sometimes I like to think that I could feature in my own TV series about me getting travelling around the world trying to get jobs in the music industry (anyone who’s read David Sedaris will realise that this is a normal thing to do) – I never really focus on the plot but you can bet yo ass that this tune will be the soundtrack. I actually sang this tune to one of the guys in Other Music, not knowing the name of it or the artist, and the dude new what it was exactly – now that’s service.

William Onyeabor – Better Change Your Mind          buy

So yeah I got to listen to a lot of wicked music at my little job and I know have a new favorite tune. The Folk Implosion is Lou Barlow from Sebadoh and some other dude – I never really got into Sebadoh but Lou’s solo album from about 2 years ago blew my mind – kinda like Postal Service for grown ups.

The Folk Implosion – Serge           buy

Serge samples Requiem Pour Un Con which is one of my favorite Serge Gainsbourg tracks and one of the meanest breaks ever. Listening to that puts me in the mind of my favorite pseudo Serge track ‘Elle Et Moi’ by Max Berlin. I know nothing about Max Berlin but this tune is like some amazing Soul II Soul remix of a lost Gainsbourg tune.

Max Berlin – Elle Et Moi

Of late I have kinda become a little obsessed with old style and music magazines. My room is getting cluttered with early nineties copies of THE FACE, i-D, Sleazenation and Straight No Chaser. Straight No Chaser is amazing because back then it seems that the whole scene revolved around Gilles Peterson and James Lavelle. Now Lavelle was a sorta hero of mine back when I was growing up in Norwich, I was 16 when Mo Wax released Endtroducing, Dr Octagon and Attica Blues which were / are 3 very important albums to me – however back in 92 the label hadn’t released much yet he seems to feature so much in the mag its odd. Anyway recently LCD Soundsystem released a tune for Nike to celebrate some old bit of thing which I’m half way through listening to now. Its good, kinda like a segued mixtape but I’ve still got my CD from 1997 when Mo Wax produced a CD for Nike to help launch some Air Max and Zoom Airs – I remember thinking that this tune was AMAZING – anyway I guess whatever you say about Lavelle (and people seem to say a great deal) he’s always been pretty ahead the game even if it is just aligning himself with great people such as the upcoming UNKLE album (I’ve heard from a friend who’s heard it that its fucking amazing).

Mo Wax – Air Zoom Flight 5 (Jason Kidd)

LCD Soundsytem – 45 33 Nike + Original Run

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London Baile Madness

October 17, 2006 at 10:11 pm (Baile Funk, Blogs, Classics, Future Classic, Mixtape, Summer Banger!!!, Worldwide)

baile_funk.gifSo tomorrow, Wednesday, sees London descend into Baile Funk Madness. Somehow there are two great parties happening, both surely would appeal to the exact same crowd however there not anywhere near each other. DJ Gorky, from Bonde Do Role is DJing at the Old Blue Last which should be great – I saw them perform there a while ago and I realy felt like I was seeing a young Yeah Yeah Yeahs but Brazilian. Then up in Camden at the Proud is a slightly larger party with DJ Sujinho, Sinden and also my quadrangle chum Carmen Selektra – I’m opting for that one, sorry Gorky but I’ve never seen Sujinho before and his tunes are dope.

Bonde Do Role – Melo Do Tabaco (Sinden Remix)

DJ Sujinho – Ai Voce Gosta Featuring Zuzuca Poderosa

Both these tunes are fire – TTL has some Bonde Do Role stuff here and Boomkat has some Sujinho here.

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Mixtape Monday – ?uestlove

October 16, 2006 at 1:20 pm (Blogs, Mixtape, Worldwide)

So I’ve got to be quick – this mix is a year or two old but its great. Its basically ?uestlove playing on Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide show. Its all original tunes that people like Kanye, Common and Dre have sampled – great little mix.

?uestlove – Sample Lesson Mix

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Mixtape Monday – Stones Throw

September 25, 2006 at 6:27 pm (Blogs, Future Classic, Mixtape, Songs, Worldwide)

stones throwFor those that choose to snooze rather than get busy on the interweb you might have missed a little thing called podcasts. I’m sure people checking blogs know what a podcast is but have you been getting the Stones Throw podcasts? I think they’ve only had about 9 of them but everyone is a winner and this Madlib one is one of my favorites. As the title suggests its just Madlib and some funk 45s but there’s a bit in the middle where all the tunes are about heroin and its soooooooo good. The Journey Into Fresh Digging mix came out around the time of Madlib’s last album and its super fresh – loads of remixes, b-sides and tunes that Madlib sampled.

Stones Throw Podcast – Madlib’s 45s Mix

DJ Troubl – Quasimoto Meets Himself : A Journey Into Fresh Digging

Don’t be a dummy – sign up to the Stones Throw podcasts here. Stones Throw always come with the goodness and here’s a couple of treats from them. Georgia Anne Muldrow is the only girly girl to be signed to the label but don’t call her a soul singer – she wrote, produced and sang all the tracks on her debut album – the female Madlib? She’s worked with Sa-Ra and Platinum Pied Pipers so you know she’s got talent. You would have thought that Madlib, seeing how talented he is, would have used up all the family musical talent, however his brother Oh No is pretty talented too – very solid West Coast dusty hip hop.

Georgia Anne Muldrow – A Reqiuem For Leroy

Oh No ft Posdnous – Smile A Little Bit

Oh and I can’t post about Stones Throw without posting this tune by Aloe Blacc which has been destroying me for a while now – purest future soul.

Aloe Blacc – Whole World

Emusic has Madlib’s latest album here, Georgia’s latest album here, Oh No’s latest album here, and Aloe Blacc’s latest album here.

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September 21, 2006 at 1:23 pm (Blogs, Songs, Worldwide)

kleeKlee hail from Cologne, Germany and make lovely twee schmindie / electro pop. ‘Unsere Liebe’ sounds just like Camera Obscura or perhaps that ‘New Friend’ tune by The Concretes but in German. Gold is a much more up tempo pop electro tune. I guess if they didn’t sing in German there wouldn’t be much to write home about but since that Trost record I just love German vocals.

Klee – Unsere Liebe

Klee – Gold

Buy some Klee music from emusic here

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Dengue Fever

September 20, 2006 at 11:29 pm (Future Classic, Grumble Grumble, Songs, Summer Banger!!!, Worldwide)

Dengue FeverWow – Dengue Fever have a Wikipedia entry – I guess that isn’t that amazing. I’ve been listening to these guys for a while now but it was only after dancing myself sideways at Fabric the other night that I thought to post them. They sound to me a little like a Cambodian The Go! Team but perhaps played by a Strawberry Alarm Clock-esque band. Anyway I think someone like Diplo or Sinden or maybe Radioclit should remix these guys- it would be fucking dope.

Dengue Fever – Tip My Canoe

Dengue Fever – Hold My Hips

Dengue Fever – A Go Go (Live In San Fransisco)

They’ve had an album and a couple of EPs that you can get from emusic here

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