Sunday Gallery Walks

January 28, 2007 at 9:19 pm (Great Exhibition, James Brown, Madlib, National Gallery, Samuel Peyps, Serpentine, Stones Throw, Will Self)

So today I took my ass to The Serpentine, The Science Musuem, The Natural History Musuem, The V&A and The National Gallery. Daaaayyyyyums thats a lot of art. I bumped into Will Self again at the Natural History Museum – I think we could be friends without the heroin – if I see him again I’m gonna try and engage him in literary / second life chat.


This thing was cool but I couldn’t work out who it was by, it was in the V&A, then I went upstairs to see some old school stuff and saw this…….


Its a stained glass thing of Samuel Peyps – I wanted to take a photo of this amazing book of his that had this amazing illustrations but it was behind glass. I watched a film about The Great Exhibition of 1851 – shit looked so cool. So here’s a little tune for y’all – King Heroin by James Brown – first heard this on a Madlib Stones Throw podcast – I’ll dedicate this to Will Self and Mr Dynamite hisself JB.

James Brown – King Heroin 


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