Rider / Badges and ways to make work more fun

April 2, 2007 at 2:24 pm (Badges, Riders)

Morale at work has always been something thats interested me – not to sound like a dick but whenever I work in a team I end up being the morale booster or motivator (there’s probably a better term for this out there) so I always end up considering what brings people together and aids productivity blah blah. I’ve been thinking about this a lot more recently since Russell Davies pointed me in the direction of  the  Order Of The Science Scouts of Exemplary Repute and Above Average Physiques. I really like the idea of team badges and jackets. Something else I’ve been thinking about recently is Riders. Being on tour for a couple of weeks with about 8 bands makes you unable to forget about riders – they must be there and if not you either get an earful from the tour manager or the band might not play. I don’t see why only bands get to have riders – I’m pretty good at my job and I don’t see why I can’t have a rider – I’m going to make one and start sending it out with my CV – any suggestions for things that should be on there welcome – so far I have.


1 X Working Mac laptop with latest OSX, working printer connection, Limewire, Acquisition, Bittorrent, Firefox and a licenced version of the latest Offic.

1 X Not broken chair

2 X  Moleskine notebooks – 1 small, 1 large – both lined.


1 X Latte with 1 sugar (to be at desk by 10am)

1 X Large bottle of Evian.


There’s a bunch of other stuff that I came up with but I can’t remember it now – it would be cool if you had an assistant who could download all the music from your favorite mp3 blogs and put them in a folder everyday.

Anyway  for pure hilarity read Iggy Pop’s rider – its amazing.


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