20 Days To Break A Habit…….

March 29, 2007 at 4:46 pm (Google Earth, John Battelle, Kevin Federline, Rebecca Solnit, Second Life, Wanderlust, Worldwide)


……….20 days to make one – ok so I know I’ve been crazy slack at blogging recently so I’m really gonna try hard and get back into it although I’d rather be out walking the city listening to tunes. I’ve been reading this book for the past couple of days – Wanderlust: The History of Walking – its soooo good.
First up, I heard about this Keven Federline branded search engine Search With Kevin – its powered by Yahoo and is obviously not aimed at me but I think its a really good idea. The thing I think is interesting is whether or not the people that pay for the branding (Kev’s record label) have access to the search data – imagine that, you’d be able to directly tap into the mind set of your audience – find out exactly what they were up to, or at least things that they’re into. I was chatting to someone the other day who mentioned this guy John Battelle who seems to be some kind of search guru – anyway he calls search engines “databases of intentions” which is a really good term – knowing the ‘intentions’ of your audience surely is one of the most important tools there is so by having your own ‘database’ that your customers use would just be amazing.

Here are a couple of interesting articles from earlier in the year about how Google is maybe planning on moving into the virtual world territory a la Second Life but using Google Earth – articles from Tech Crunch and Google Earth Blog – I don’t know about Google Earth becoming a virtual social type thingy¬† – the great thing about Second Life is that it only exists virtually – who knows, watch this space.


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