Who are we

Just some kids (1 at the moment) who love music and want to help spread the love. All the MP3’s are uploaded using yousendit so they’re only up for a week or a certain amount of downloads. If you’re really upset that something is up there then email us – grumblemouse@gmail.com.

If you like what we’re doing get in touch or get at us on myspace – http://www.myspace.com/king_nutkin



  1. toebee dee said,

    just keeping on keeping on rweading the blog and thought I’d let you know leo minor’s playing our night next thursday at the fly (5oct)
    ya heard

  2. Emma said,


    I wanted to ask if it would be ok if we referenced any MP3’s that show
    up in your blog. We run the site http://www.seeqpod.com/music which
    crawls the internet for music, allowing anyone to search for interesting music. If it’s ok for us to do so, please let us know.


    (see also:
    http://blog.wired.com/music/2006/09/seeqpod_realtim.html?entry_id=1559171 )

  3. Estelle said,

    Hi there,

    Nice to meet you this morning. I had to check out your blog because I am always looking out for good music… so, I saw that M83 remix of Placebo (two bands that I really like), and then oohhhh, damn, doesn’t work. Nothing like it…
    Anyway it would be nice to catch up sometime. Good luck at the ICA!!! See you around in the east.

  4. Smutlee said,

    thanks for putting my mixtape up-appreciate the support….
    check my new one….


  5. Rich / Sopi said,

    Keep on goin’ guyz!

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