Alphabet Of Brooke Shields

April 23, 2007 at 12:11 pm (Alphabet Of Brooke Shields, Brooke Shields Alphabet)


I’m pretty excited at the moment – I saw another Brooke Shields Alphabet this weekend – odd though as it was in some back street in Belgravia which is kind of a random posh place to see something like this – anyway I got home and did another google search and found a little piece on the Londonist about it. Turns out someone has set up a flickr group for it. The best thing is that the dude who set up the group has mapped all of the sightings on google maps – wooot – I love it when stuff like this comes together. Anyway I don’t know whether its some viral campaign or just somebody who thought the words sound fun together – I think it might be the latter – kind of remindsme of the sports rave poster I saw the other day – the words sound great together but what the fuck is a Sports Rave????????




  1. Charlie Gower said,

    That my friend, is quite brilliant

  2. Terry McFinnan said,

    From the looks of things, its a ploy used by the band the no sleep police… But can anyone confirm this?

  3. Simon said,

    You see this only begs the question…

    What were you doing in a back street of Belgravia?

    It can’t be a band… a band wouldn’t have two variations of it’s name. I also think it’s a bit too low budget to be some form of cosmetic as many other places are suggesting.

    Brooke Sheilds’ Birthday is at the end of this month….
    Brooke’s Middle name is Christa – [A]lphabet [B]rooke [C]hrista (ABC)

  4. Goljkx said,

  5. blanathema said,

    A Sports Rave? I can only imagine the weird things that would involve…

  6. Pete Mottram said,

    There is a band called Brooke Shields Alphabet on Myspace… but I havent yet ascertained if the band is named after the graffiti phenomenon or if the graffiti is by the band or one of their fans…

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