March 5, 2007 at 11:08 pm (George Pringle, Toto, Wes Fif)

Hey kids – shit has been mad hectic of late – the tour I’ve been working on starts on Wednesday and basically I’ve been working really hard and finding it difficult to turn my laptop on when I get home. My poor eyes and brain can’t take it – anyway here’s a couple of treats. (oh  and this photo is a sign on one of the cupboards in my office)


Don’t know if I mentioned how surpised I was by the music that gets played in my office – well I was surprised – I don’t want to mention too much but let it be known that I didn’t really know this song before I started my job and now its one of my faves.

Toto – Africa


Don’t know where I first heard about George Pringle, it may have been Slutty Fringe who is also a fan. The thing I love most about her is the way that she keeps her posh accent at a time when its so fashionable to accentuate your Laarndaaan accent. Production could use some work but hey its a myspace demo – the lyrics are great.

George Pringle – Kill Her If You Can Loverboy


And finally I got this tune from Discobelle the other week  and its seriously been destroying me and also the office (I never said we ONLY listened to Toto) – the synths are so good and work so well – its like soft southern crunk meets ‘Meet Me At the Love Parade’. Wes Fif is sooo good. Best Lyric – ‘Go to school, get a book, be a lawyer.’

Wes Fif – Haters Everywhere



  1. tash said,

    charlie, just had to thank you for sticking a silly smile on my face with that toto tune – gave me a nostalgic moment of listening to it on the radio when leggings came into fashion the first time round and i used to wear pink earmuffs. yeah, a long time ago.
    good jobs always take over your life. but it’s got to be better than being a bum.
    love tashx

  2. tomcat said,

    More TOTO!!!!

    sweet cheesyness I love this one too!

  3. sluttyfringe said,

    george pringle is playing at the bar music hall on curtain rd this thursday

    I shall be there swooning in her general direction

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