Dreams Of Santa Ana

February 12, 2007 at 11:01 pm (Babe Ruth, Bumrocks, Jellybean, The Mexican)

I found these tunes the other day – the Babe Ruth tune was one of my uni classics – I remember the first time I heard the Dirtchamber mix on the radio and Liam Howlett mixed some old electro over it – ooweeee. Anyway so looking on some P2P site for it I found this Jellybean version – its straight Bumrocks – hows about another post dedicated to the wonder that it Bumrocks.com.

Babe Ruth – The Mexican

Jellybean – The Mexican

I used to DJ with a couple of guys that owned a record shop and John used to play this amazing balearic tune called Winds Of Santa Ana thats got the same tune – I can never find it anywhere and I don’t know who its by – anyone got any suggestions hit me back.

[UPDATE] – oh cool, so I was just looking to see who the Jellybean people where and it turns out the tune was released on Tommy Boy – I thought it sounded a bit like this Power Jam 85 record that I used to love (when I first heard Chromeo I thought they were old school Tommy Boy) – anyway I just found this tune by random. Its a cheesy disco tune but a cover of The Mexican no less – sweeeeeet.

Disco Circus – The Mexican

[UPDATE2] OK so wikipedia has some info on Babe Ruth and look what I found on you tube – AAAARGH this is toooo goood. Thissong is so perfec, the drunks, the guitar, the bass and the vocals – all amazing.



  1. lurkz said,

    Do you mean this corker?


  2. cifanic said,

    this is great thanks for sharing. i was actually thinking about jellybean yesterday as i found an old school house mix set of mine to crank on the treadmill. the most amazing production ever, and a label i’ll miss buying on vinyl….

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