I’m Bored!

February 6, 2007 at 10:52 pm (Bored)

Yeah yeah I know ‘there’s no such thing as being bored only boring people’ – but what if I’m bored of coming off the tube and reading about how some young boy has been shot in his bedroom, only days after reading about how another young boy was shot dead on an ice rink? – how about if I’m bored of having a farewell drink with one of my best mates, days before he leaves the country for years, to start a new job / life only to be interupted by his flatmate calling to say that they’ve been burgled and his passport and new laptop have been stolen? –  how about if I’m just bored of being scared of walking home every night because of the growing number of yellow police signs reminding me of another stabbing or shooting in my neighbourhood? – how about if I’m just bored of working for people who can’t get their shit together, for people that can’t pay me right?  – how about if I’m bored of having no heating when everyone is shouting about how its going to snow tomorrow? – seriously does that make me a boring person? Am I allowed to be bored of those things? It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks – I am bored!



  1. Tim said,

    At least you’re alive.

  2. Boy detective said,

    Smacks of Martin Luthor to me..
    You been listening to your motivational records again?

  3. beardlord said,

    True man! Get out here to OZ……its much safer …the people are nice and its warm.

    On the flipside pretty much everything that isn’t human has enough venom to take out a small town. The sun is so strong it gives you cancer and the money probably costs more to make than its actually worth!

    ha ha ha !

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