Not The Type Of Jumper That Makes You Itches

January 29, 2007 at 12:29 am (Orbital, Sultans Of Ping)

So there’s a little story to these tunes. Age 13 I found myself at boarding school having been kicked out of a couple of places – the school was super nice  – a place  for kids who were dyslexic  and who’s parents were in the Forces – then there was us – the bad kids – the round pegs – anyway – it was back in the time when rave mixtapes would be passed around (92) and beastie boys tapes weren’t for the masses. I used to get bullied by a kid called Andrew who was super into Sultans Of Ping – he used to dress in all krusty type garb and tell everyone he was an anarchist. Funny – I think it was quite a poilitical time back then (or maybe people liked to pretend)  – anyway here’s a tune from back then.

Sultans Of Ping – Where’s Me Jumper

So it was also the time of the traveller – one time at school a bunch of travellers camped near the school and when we all snuck out at midnight for cigarettes  we could hear they’re music – we went down to they’re camp the next day and said hello to them – at the time Galaxy chocolate had an ad that said ‘Why have cotton when you could have silk’ – anyway one of the travellers said to us that they were just ‘floating on the breeze like a piece of cotton’ and Charlie responded ‘Why have cotton when you can have silk’ – we left pretty sharpish but this was the tune they played over the heath when we were smoking outside.

Orbital –  Forever


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  1. tash said,

    hey charlie, thanks for cheering up a moody monday with these little gems. orbital reminds me of the times when everyone used to drop acid and fall out of trees on wimbledon common. when we’d wear nothing but black and the truly fashion-conscious would paint their faces white and don winklepickers. when we’d hang round fires at night trying to get wasted whatever ways we could. ahhh…those were the days, heh. anyways, how about sticking up the orb’s ‘little fluffy clouds’ or jethro tull’s ‘song from the wood’? just for a little more nostalgic nonsense. tx ps where’s the t-shirt today?

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