Picking On Kids

January 17, 2007 at 11:03 am (DJ Drama, Kemado, RIAA, Vietnam)


So today I’m wearing one of my favorite tees – Kemado Records – see I don’t know why more record labels / bands don’t make tees that are actually nicely designed – more people would wear them and thats more promotion – Kemado have a new band called Vietnam from Brooklyn – check out some free tunes from a session they did for Daytrotter. Never seen this site before but it looks full of goodness.

In other news the RIAA seems to be really pissed at the moment – they’re taking down some 16 year old kids here and DJ Drama got seriously fucked here (SWAT teams and the FBI!!!!). I find it really hard to read about this especially whilst I’m reading probably the most sensible and insightful look at the future of the music industry The Future Of Music. Wasn’t there some folk tale about a kid in Amsterdam who saved the city from flooding by sticking his finger in the hole in the dam – imagine if the authorities told him he didn’t have a licence to do it or they told him off for playing truant – seriously these guys are promoting your music FOR FREE (well Drama was obviously making some scratch – I think that was a Porsche being towed away) – but picking on 16 year old kids – plain wrong.


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