Fun With Drawing aka the Spray My Name post

January 16, 2007 at 10:53 pm (Banksy, Branding, Daisy De Villenueve, Ian Stevenson, Job Hunting, Shut Up Man)


I don’t know how most people blog but me, I just hang around until an idea gets in my head and then I either post (if I’m at home) or meditate on the post until I get home (which often means the theme of the post has completely changed). Anyway I was just sitting there playing on Linked In when I decided to make a tribute to one of my favorite artists around Ian Stevenson. He is the creator of Shut Up man – you seriously need to get youself some of the postcards.




Then I remembered that I actually got an old friend of mine to make a cover sheet to send with my CV – a kind of ‘hey I’m really cool and know cool people so how’s that for a cover letter’ from back in the day. At the bottom it says ‘all he ever wanted to do was help sell records..’ At the time Daisy was working on her ‘He Said She Said’ book (which is amazing and she has since published a bunch of books and worked for Top Shop and other stuff.


I think I started thinking about all of this tonight as I was reading about some Banksy do it yourself, download the PDF and print it off at work thing. One of my favorite Banksy’s is the Golf Sale print.


Once upon a time I had a club night in Bristol and we made stencils of the log. One night my friend and I, after a particularly drunken night DJing, decided it would be a good idea to grab a bottle of Vodka and spray the logo about. Oh the japes we had that night however after a while the stencil got soggy and we had to freestyle – this unfortunately ended in us writing another friends name (first name and surname) in huge letters on a local wall. He ended up getting a bunch of hassle from some locals in the pub who thought he’d done it – anyway it all blew over and became an in joke amongst our friends – we even started changing the words for the Destiny’s Child song to ‘spray my name spray my name’ – whenever we try and diss each other its always

‘well I’m gonna stencil your name AND phone number AND e-mail on the front door of Weiden and Kennedy’

‘well I’m gonna find the Creative Director of so and so and stencil your CV onto the bonnet of his car…with paint’

Oh how we laughed – anyway it always kept us full of stupid ideas for trying to advertise ourselves to potential employers. I was thinking recently that maybe I could use the last of my funds to hire a bunch of dudes with sandwich boards and golf sale signs to hang around Soho (and Noho) and maybe Shoreditch. The signs could be something like employ this man and they would give out thousands of my CVs – anyway silly idea … or is it – anyway I’m not spending the cash to find out – maybe I’d get on the news, maybe I should project my CV onto the houses of Parliament – ok we’re getting silly again now.

Anyway I’ve been reading this blog today Confessions Of A Wannabe Ad Man, I met will at a Breakfast Club a while back and he knew everything about planning and advertising. Check out the second and third posts about his interview – seriously – do I have to know that much about brands? Which ones do you choose? Do you study brands instead of reading books? Listening to music? Going to gigs? Hmmmmmmmm



  1. Will said,


    Like the blog. The interview process for that one was particularly intense; most places aren’t that bad.. it’s more just how you think (in that case, I felt that I needed to justify some of my thinking in the interview).

    They do want interesting people, so no worries for you there; I think my love of Stoke City probably doesn’t help.. heh.

    Btw, another book suggestion – read some Steven Johnson, he of ‘Ghost Map’ and ‘Everything Bad is Good for you’ – the latter is very short, but very interesting. Anything which justifies my love of computer games is all good..

  2. tomcat said,

    Amazing… back here , 2 of us coined “shave my name, shave my name” after a kid at the bmx track who had the nike swoosh shaved on both sides of his head. How about that for brand loyalty/ free advertising

  3. Boy detective said,

    anyway it all blew over and became an in joke amongst our friends ….
    REALLY? You’ve scarred that fucker for life dude.
    your finest hour!

  4. Creelearguthjera said,

    bpjknwfiwxyxhjxnwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

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