Cover Letters Bite

January 16, 2007 at 1:00 pm (Branding, Job Hunting, Youtube)


So today is the Wolfmother tee – Gold on Black – seriously you can’t go wrong with gold print.

So today I am mostly trying to get to grips with writing cover letters to send to people along with my CV – the thing that I find tricky is that most stuff that I want to convey is already in my CV – also I’ve had the fortune / misfortune of working for independant companies with small teams – we never had job titles, we all mucked in and got the job done which was great but when it comes to defining what it actually was that I did I’m kinda at a loss – I mean I can describe it in baby talk ‘I decided what was cool or not’, ‘I booked the DJs’ etc but in terms of making that sound all flashy and using words like strategy, planning, brand exerience, qualitive research and trend forecasting I get all confused. No one ever taught me how to use these words. Anyone got any tips?

My other gripe about job hunting is that its not something you do regularly yet you’re expected to be really good at it – now sales has never been my strong point and defining what I do or can do in some bullshit lingo or jargon and then having to sell that, well thats just pushing your luck.

Found this article a while ago – interesting, all about the tobacco companies using youtube to promote smoking  – its interesting but I think there really are people out there who enjoy watching people smoke – anyway read it here.



  1. tash said,

    yeah, nice tee…how about doing a wet tee next? u want tips? don’t get a job where u have to be a grown up…seriously, it sucks. i’m so bored i’m reading your blog! um, that was supposed to be a joke. sigh. um, i spend my life editing covering letters and cvs and i teach this shit…so send it to me if u like and i’ll edit it…as for long words, imagine u r some kick-ass suit in sales and practise on your flatmates…but baby talk is kinda cute tx

  2. Gary Rivera said,

    When you’re writing a cover letter you really have to try and get into the head of the person you think may be reading it? Just write what they would want to hear. It’s a game just like writing papers in college. Hope the new job doesn’t take away from the blogging!

  3. andoi said,

    You didn’t have job titles because you’re a hollow blagger who will forever dwell in the shadows cast by the people who actually make things happen.

    Vice interns, you know who you are.

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