Mixtape Monday – Old Classics

January 15, 2007 at 4:13 pm (Anticon, Classics, Diplo, Mixtape)


Easy kids – everyone have a good weekend? Some old treats today (don’t worry, I’ve been in touch with some young upstart DJ’s to provide some neu music mixes – touching down soon).

Jakobsen – Debris From A Fragmented Culture Vol. 4

I actually had all of these mixes but I can’t find the others – I picked them all up from Rough Trade a while ago – this one is from June 2004 – really good mix featuring Fog, Subtle etc – pretty nice mix of Anticon type schmindie hip hop.

Hotel Pelirocco – Music From The Legendary Hotel

This mix is a certified classic – came out some time in 2003 – I haven’t a clue about the hotel but the mix features Dusty Springfield, Add N to X, The Damned – this was also the first time I ever heard Scissor Sisters ‘Comfortably Numb’ what a tune.

Diplo – Live From At Halcyon The Shop

A really quality mix from November 2004 – no Baile Baile but lots of SA-RA, Jaylib, Cymande and a little Crunk.


1 Comment

  1. Boy detective said,

    Yikes, forgot how good Hotel Peliroco was
    Reminds me of being fresh faced and living with Gill and your sister….

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