Dipset Dipset Dipset

January 15, 2007 at 4:54 pm (24, Dipset)


So I’ve decided to add a new little thing to the blog – everyday I’m going to take a picture of my t-shirt – I love this tee – got it from Union in LA – its fading so I don’t wear it too much any more but I love it – nicking the Ramones logo and changing it to Dipset – genius.

BBC have a little article on Koopa who are the first unsigned band to enter the UK charts – read here.

I need some help turning .ram files into .mp3 files – anyone know how (I have a bust up mac)

Anyone downloaded the first episodes of Season 6 of 24? If so let me know – its taking forever on my machine and I could do with some one sending over IM.



  1. tomcat said,

    there’s a little program called audio hijack for the mac I find it really useful. you basically have to get it to hijack the real player and then set it to record. It can record any audio which the computer can play… .then you can stick it into itunes and convert to mp3


  2. tomcat said,

  3. renate said,

    me love

  4. Phil G said,

    Hey..been looking for that shirt for my cousin all over. I hit up Union and they said they didn’t know. Who makes it? Thx man…

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