Little Sunday Update

January 14, 2007 at 10:56 pm (Future Of Music, Paris Is Burning, Vogue)


Not much blogging this week – been mostly job hunting. Went to see an amazing film on Friday at the ICA – Paris Is Burning – its all about these transvestite / transexual ‘balls’ in the early 80’s in NY – turns out this was the origin of Vogueing. Everyone would dress up and strut up and down and be awarded trophies for the best dressed. They had different categories and my favorite was ‘Realness’

Now most of the footage from the film is from 84 which is a whole 6 years before Madonna’s Vogue. Also it would seem that there is a large crossover between breakdancing and vogueing and that supposedly they evolved together.

Thanks for all the podcast tips – I know have too much music to listen to (which can never be a bad thing).

My Future Of Music book came through the post and so far its super interesting.



  1. Amy said,

    yep, that movie is def a classic. Super interesting take on a sub culture hardly anyone outside of it was aware of, nevermind aware of being influenced by.

  2. Carly said,

    Really interesting film. Really interesting story about the director behind it worth looking into…think there’s a New Yorker story on the film somewhere in the archives. I yearn for the ICA.

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