Mixtape Monday – New York Represent!

January 8, 2007 at 3:17 pm (Daedelus, DJ Sabo, Tokion, Tommy Guerrero, Turntables On The Hudson)


Back in November when I was in NYC I popped into Turntable Lab to pick up some mixtapes and say hello to my boy Jamal Ali who hosts the Blue Label show on EVR (you should defo check this out). Anyway we were catching up and the other guy in the shop hands me a mixtape which is really rather good. DJ Sabo is part of the Turntables On The Hudson crew and this mix is, in his own words, ‘a collection of funky hip hop / disco remixes done in a latin/brazilian style.’ Its got a bunch of Red Astaire tracks, some DJ Sabo produced tunes and a little Aloe Blacc (who I love).

DJ Sabo – Funky Verano

Whilst checking out links for Sabo I found that he’s recently done a Miami Bass mix for Tokion’s website – turns out they’ve got a bunch of mixes you can download – here’s a couple of them – be sure to go and read their lovely articles here.

DJ Sabo – Miami Bass XXX Tokion FM Mix

Daedelus – Exclusive Tokion FM Mix 

Tommy Guerrero – Exclusive Tokion FM Mix

There’s a bunch more mixes up there by people like Espers, The Fever and Metallic Falcons.



  1. lynton said,

    oh nice – the motherlode. can’t believe you are sitting on this gold! Daedelus – v.nice!

  2. Amy. said,

    He looks a lot like Kevin Federline in that photo

  3. lynton said,

    ah daedelus! now i have had some time to dig that mix you posted i gotta take my hat off to the man. I love a mix that is on the verge of collapse with the dj/mixer using each song to build a palette of sounds. any donkey can slap together trax with a similar bpm or style to make a seamless groove – but damn man – Tribe Called Quest into Fleetwood Mac into i don’t know what kind of dark broken two and half step. nice.
    when i finally made the pilgrimage to the TTL East Village shop I was just freaking over how small the real world store front was – no cool dudes slipping me a mix tape. ah well. thanks for posting the juice.

  4. andin3000 said,

    I from Brasil, very nice!!!!
    eu adorei seu site !!!!!!!

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