I heart podcasts.

January 8, 2007 at 11:04 pm (Hype Machine, KCRW, NPR, Podcasts, Radioclit, Stylus Magazine)

So a little while ago I updated my itunes and it conveniently deleted all my podcast subscriptions – only just started updating them. So far I have:


East Village Radio – The Fader Show

Ghettopop – Radioclit

Start The Week – Radio 4

Hype Machine

I’m gonna go and get my usual NPR, KCRW and Little Ole Wine Drinker Me from Stylus Magazine but what else should I be getting – recommend me some good podcasts (READER PARTICIPATION REQUIRED!)



  1. tubby dee said,

    mad decent’s preety good
    penguin books, which you tuned me into

  2. lynton said,

    stones throw – highly recommended!
    solid steel
    beats in space

  3. lynton said,

    oh yeah,
    just checked the Slap You In Public blog and the latest mix look pretty tasty. It has that new LCD Sound System track that everyone is posting and then having to pull down straight away (legalise it!)

  4. Amy said,

    *KEXP song of the day (makes for a nice folder of tunes after awhile)
    *Slashmusic with Tom Ravenscroft (was touting Gay Against You, round same time you were) ,
    *Studio 360 w/ Kurt Anderson,
    *This American Life (story time!)

  5. S said,

    The Let Out + Authentic Shit on East Village Radio

  6. sluttyfringe said,

    Roy Dank on East Village Radio
    Dj Mehdi’s podcast – sticks up some splendid mixes
    Modular Records modcasts
    Our Disco
    North South Divide

    all on the sluttyfringeitunespodcastbuffhyperoll

  7. sluttyfringe said,

    the lad Casper has just done a reet nice bloggers delight podcast which you can get from the adventures in the beetroot field website

  8. Zack Gonzales said,

    Scene Unseen for movie reviews worth a damn
    CNET Buzz Out Loud


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