Thursday Walking (a story with pictures)

January 5, 2007 at 9:54 pm (Greenwich, London Walks)


So James (my partner in job seeking) and I have set ourselves certain rules that we must follow to ensure a happy, joyous and very short unemployment (it can also be referred to as ‘freelance’, career change or ‘between’ jobs). Anyway one of them is a nice rule that has nothing to do with getting up at 7.30am – well actually it does. If on a Thursday or Friday we have gotten up early in preparation for the call that doesn’t come from Office Angels and then done our 3 hours of e-mails we’re allowed to go on a walk around London. This Thursday’s walk was more of started in Bank and found us taking the DLR (District Light Rollercoaster – there’s no driver you see) to Canary Wharf were we walked around – saw a snowman…..


and a replica of one of three boats that made up the first UK settlement in the States. This boat was small – 20 people – 3 months on board – seriously I’m surprised they made it! Then we went to Island Gardens and walked under the Thames………


Then we went and checked out the chapels in the Greenwich Hospital (formerly Greenwich Naval College) – turns out they were built by Christopher Wren – pretty……


Then we hopped over the road and checked out the Maritime Museum – good, but not for girls – lots of clocks and pictures of boats – this was my favorite sign in the museum……


No branding, marketing or music talked about – just a couple of men of the world talking and walking with hands clasped behind the back – perhaps this is what Holmes and Watson did between cases.



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    Greenwich stand up!

  2. tash said,

    almost makes me want to be jobless so i can go on an urban exploration too. next one , you could try solving the ripper case…elementary, my dears.

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