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January 2, 2007 at 10:13 pm (Dandi Wind, Diplo, Mad Decent, Martha Wainwright, Paul Devro, Snow Patrol, Summer Lovers Unlimited Music)

So a friend of mine made me an xmas mix – its really good but I completely fell in love with one of the tunes – I’ve been a mad fan of Martha Wainwright for a while now but for some reason, I think I thought I hated Snow Patrol, I never picked up on this tune – I was sooooooo wrong – its amazing.

Snow Patrol – Set Fire To The Third Bar (ft Martha Wainwright)

dandi_shirt_large.jpgThis could be the year that I finally move away from the Big Smoke, all my friends seem to be heading to Australia but I’ve always had my eye on either NY or LA – LA is definately in the lead at the moment but I think quietly nipping at its heals in Vancouver. I’ve never been but with people like Paul Devro, M!G!H! and Doug from Summer Lovers Unlimited Music holding it down you know you’d have fun. Doug sent me a nice package of tunes before xmas that also included a Dandi Wind t-shirt (pictured) – I haven’t got stuck into the album yet but here’s a free tune of there’s – you can just see the scruffy art girls falling all over themselves to this one.

Dandi Wind – Balloon Factory

Oh and it would appear that Paul Devro has stopped his blog and is now in charge of the Mad Decent blog – as long as he’s still out there posting great tunes I don’t care who he’s doing it for – turns out my mate Chris AKA DJ Gigilo The Mixx Knight has got a mix up there – go here and cop it.


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