January 2, 2007 at 5:34 pm (iphone, ipod, Podwalks, Wikimapia, Wikipedia, Worldwide)

ford-henry-ford-model-t.jpgPart 1: So Josh from Blog On The Motorway coined a nice new phrase the other day whilst driving up the Pacific Coast – Cwiki. Its an amalgamation of Car and Wikipedia and basically its just wikipeding (sic) towns that you go through on a road trip to keep boredom at bay. I love this idea. It would be tricky in the UK because we don’t all have sidekicks with good + cheap internet but imagine if you had an inbuilt tinternet in your car. Loads of people have DVD players in their cars and people seem to have lots of GPS map things like the Tom Tom with its fucking horrendously dubbed ads. Anyway imagine if it was all integrated – you just push a button and it tells you all about the place that you’ve driven through.


Part 2: Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of podwalks (podcasted walking tours of different areas of London, LA etc) and one in particular caught my attention. Robert Wright hosts podwalks of London but at the beginning of the walk he might read you something about the area that you’re about to walk in from a book he’d read at the weekend. That book would have been kindly donated by Anthem press who sponsor his podwalk. Thats will be the last you hear of Anthem Press but later as you’re walking down the Kings Road he might point out a Waitrose or John Lewis who also sponsor the walks. Now its super unintrusive the way he does it and I really like the way that a simple podwalk has maybe 4 different sponsors and they are all quite relevant (Waitrose have nice sandwiches and you might need one after walking for a while, if you enjoy walking around London you might me more inclined to go buy a book about LDN)

iphone.gifPart 3: Aaaaaanyway just think about what you could do if you had onboard tinternet. You’re driving to Pasadena and the machine is telling you were to go, you drive by a little village and read that there’s an old church or something and a little out crop of old houses. You click on another link and you have a guided tour streamed into the car stereo telling you about all the stuff that you’re driving past (this could include restuarants, bars, historic places of interest even good places to park). What I like about this is that it could be locally produced, imagine driving though some old Cotswolds village and having real testimony or stories from old folks that have lived there for 80 years and how life has changed etc. Ooooh then people could leave comments on how interesting or helpful they found it like Amazon – I think this could all tie in with the whole Wikimapia thing – I guess all we need now is cheap tinternet in cars or on our phones – ooh if it was an iphone you might be able to get free downloads of local bands playing in that area tonight. Hmmm thats quite a good idea actually – ok I’m signing off for a bit. Laters.




  1. Josh said,

    merci my friend. It was a lot of fun on my journey, and I look forward to my next driving trip now. Come to LA, we shall wiki.

  2. Amy. said,

    I love this idea..interactive automotive podcasts are surely very close to reality. This also ties in with one of my favorite ‘ideas’ , psychogeography. Acording to our buddy Wiki, it’s defined as “the study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals,”
    I find it endlessly fascianting … it can kind of get tied into the occult too when say, the area that Jack the Ripper frequented can said to be effected or if you like ‘haunted’ by its past. Iain Sinclair has written lots and lots about this. More recently one of my favorite writers, Will Self, has become a voice for the idea and has a column in the Independent about it on a weekly basis. In November Will Self and Iain Sinclair had a free ‘In Coversation..’ event at the Tate. Oh how i would have loved to be there. Will recently went on a walk for the NY Times …getting him to podcast can’t be far behind.

  3. grumblemouse said,

    I held the door open for Will and his kids at the Damian Hirst exhibition at the Serpentine the other day – hows that for some London!

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