In other news…….Viking burial on the horizon.

December 18, 2006 at 8:39 pm (ipod, Youtube)

Mypod died last week – well its almost dead – no warranty, hasn’t talked to my computer for ages and after I dropped it last week (see below) it won’t charge. I’m thinking of making a little boat or getting one, filling it full of paper and giving mypod a viking burial? Its funny as there’s about 15/20 minutes left of play but I don’t know what to listen to – should I put it on shuffle? Should I listen to my most played tunes? I think shuffle would be the fairest way to do it.







  1. tomcat said,

    take every little part of it to bits and stick it to a canvas, in order of size… make geek art. or make a small wooden pyre to float out on the thames at night invite apple employees to the funeral. They all wear black anyway; fit right in.

  2. lynton said,

    oh the pain!
    viking burial sounds very noble, you could go all geeky future on its ass and hack the crap out of it. There must be plenty o’ salvageable parts amongst the fallen. That said, I ain’t got no soldering iron – so the poetic burial option sounds good.


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