Music Is My Hot Sex – Part 2 – CSS

December 13, 2006 at 2:55 pm (Baile Funk, Cansei De Ser Sexy, CSS, Shy Child, Summer Banger!!!)

css.jpgOk so I had a lot of reservations about seeing CSS, I mean they have great songs but only a couple of months ago they were playing 93ft East and people were saying they were pretty ropey – I managed to catch a couple of songs when they played the Brooklyn Vegan show for CMJ and whilst they seemed like a great house party band I couldn’t imagine them beein very good in a venue like the Forum. Anyway I was wrong – the gig was one of the most fun and exiting shows I’ve been to in a while – the lead singer is bonkers but in that cute, 21 year old bursting with energy ways – she had mad fashions and just bounced all over the place. Musically it was a lot more punky than I expected and the while thing left me feeling like I’d been to a Blondie gig circa 1979. The last 2 songs were Alcohol which was a duet with Jarvis Cocker who actually came on stage and sang which surpised me and Music Is My Hot Sex which is one of my favorite songs of the year.

The Sound Of Indie has a live version of Music Is My Hot Sex and The Daily Growl has an MP3 of Alcohol.



  1. duncan said,

    i saw css this summer w/ bonde & diplo and they were def the weak set of the night (following bonde’s superhigh energy too) and i kept thinking “this chick is steezjacking blondie” too. but mebbe w/ that first US tour behind them sounds like they’ve kicked it up some.

  2. ClapekDodki said,

  3. ClapekDodki said,

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