Here’s a treat.

December 12, 2006 at 6:11 pm (Long Blondes)

longblondes2.jpgJust on my way out the door – off to the Napster xmas party and then on to some Ray-Ban thing with The Duke Spirit! – oh no! I just read the invite and I thought I was going to see the Long Blondes – humph! Well that slightly ruins this post as I was going to chat about my favorite xmas tune. I love the Long Blondes and this song has some of their best lyrics ‘came back from late night shopping, saw your shadow on the curtain’, ‘stood by the fireplace, you look rediculous’ and the genius ‘no mum don’t worry about me I’ll just have fish and chips for tea’. They really do have an amazing way with words – oh well I guess I’m not going to see them after all – oh well the Duke Spirit are alright.

The Long Blondes – Christmas is Cancelled (live)


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  1. Amy said,

    That’s strange I always, always muddle those 2 bands up in my head. Perhaps it’s the singer from Duke Spirits ‘long blonde’ hair? Is this a mass subconscious phenomanon? Perhaps. (for the record I prefer Long Blondes)

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