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December 4, 2006 at 3:59 pm (Jazz, Mojo Club, Planning, Schemes)

So I read a reall good post over at The Torture Garden recently all about blogs and why people do them which you should go and read here. I thought I’d use this opportunity to explain why I set up this blog and have a little ‘dear diary’ moment.

In all of my jobs I was the person that controlled the stereo and the person that introduced people to music. Ever since I can remember I’ve made people mixtapes and when I was 17 I got my first pair of decks and have DJ’d ever since – I always liked to think of myself as some kind of musical preacher or missionary – spreading the good word of good music. On the other hand I do not consider myself a great writer or at the very least maybe I can write but I just can’t describe music – anyway I guess this explains why I never really review stuff on here – just say ‘oh this is the best etc’. So from here on in I’m going to start talking about shit that I also really like.

A friend of mine recently said that I need to get into advertising planning and upon investigation it would appear that this is maybe what I really need to do. I’ve been checking out
Russell Davies’ amazing blog of late and its everything that I love and more – if I can get paid to do that I’m so in . I love coming up with schemes and it seems thats all he does (I’m sure there’s a lot more to it than that). So yeah whilst this blog will still be an MP3 blog I’m gonna be talking about more marketing / advertising scheme type things – whilst I find some more good shit to talk about check out these other two blogs that I really like Do.Palicio.Us and I’m Trying To Think.

Today’s tunes come from one of my favorite compilation series
Mojo Club – I think they come from a jazz dance club in Germany – all the tunes are amazing and sometimes when I used to DJ I’d play for ages just off these compilations – these tunes come from Volume 7.

The Sisters Love – Gimme Your Love
Gladys Knight & The Pips – Who Is She
Marvin Gaye – Calypso Blues

You can buy some from Amazon here


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  1. Adrian Lai said,

    Thanks for the props Charles.

    Glad you kept this alive. I’ve saw your post about CSS. I like em a lot too. They played a tight show at the Flavorpill Halloween party here in New York. We were up really close, and my friend Martin got some great pics. He writes a tight music blog too. You should check it out.

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