The Only One I Love / Fake Trumpet

November 29, 2006 at 2:04 am (Guzen Radio, Jaymay, Pete Doherty)

jaymay.jpgSo wandering the streets of NY during CMJ in my folk singer song writer haze I chanced upon a young songstress by the name of Jaymay. Turns out she’s completely famous and I’m the last person to catch on (even my friend from London said that he’s seen her in LDN recently!) Don’t know what it is about Jaymay that I love but she’s definately got something – good songs I guess, not really so folky but beautiful girl with a guitar music.

Anyway here’s three live tracks of hers:

Jaymay – The Only One I love (Live)

Jaymay – Sea Green, Sea Blue (Live)

Ahhh so mid post I realised that her cover of Every Day features Jaymay pretending to play the trumpet but just sort of singing it – seriously this is, IMO, one of the cutest things ever – the first time I heard it was on a Pete Doherty track and when you hear it you can’t help but understand ol Kate Moss’s decision to stand by her man – seriously – fake trumpet is the way.

Jaymay – Every Day (Live)

Pete Doherty – Don’t Look Back Into The Sun (Live Acoustic)

Oh and I found this interview with Jaymay while she was in Tokyo with Guzen Radio. You should defo check out some of their other podcasts as its pretty interesting – just life and living in Japan.

Guzen Radio – Jaymay Interview Part 1

Guzen Radio – Jaymay Interview Part 2


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  1. jonas maaløe said,

    hey there!

    is there any way for you to getting the yousendit links working again? i would love the cover of “every day”!

    pretty please with sugar on top?


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