Best Song Ever Vol.

November 28, 2006 at 2:00 pm (Bloc Party, Calexico, Final Fantasy, Neil Young, Sufjan Stevens)

225px-neil_young-zuma.jpgYeah yeah I know I’m always saying its the best song ever but this one is a serious contender. So whilst reading this Hotel California book I’ve been picking up CDs by the people mentioned in it – somehow I’ve managed to get to 27 without ever really listening to Neil Young – I guess I spent most of my teens trying to track down another copy of that 2-Live Crew cassette that my mum would constantly confiscate off me.

Anyway I recently bought Zuma, his 1975 album with Crazy Horse and this song just stuck with me – to be honest I’ve kinda forgotten about the rest of the album. It reminds me of Calexico but at the same time one of the tracks from that Hymie’s Basement album.

Neil Young – Cortez The Killer         buy

In other news:

A La Discotheque has a Final Fantasy cover of Bloc Party ‘This Modern Love’ which is great.

Tha Bombshelter has a bunch of Sufjan Stevens Xmas songs including ‘That Was The Worst Christmas Ever’.



  1. josh said,

    crazy…check what i posted last night on blog on the motorway…

  2. Charlie Gower said,

    Don’t tell me you haven’t heard On The Beach or Tonight’s The Night!

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