Damon McMahon

November 23, 2006 at 9:05 pm (Damon McMahon, folk, Inouk)

So I managed to spend all my scrilla on my trip to NY which means that now I have to sit on my sofa not spending any money which I guess is all good. Luckily I got a shit ton of CDs while I was away so at least I have some company. One of the CDs was a label compilation from Astralwerks. There’s a bunch of good stuff on there like Darkel and The Little Ones but the tune that really stood out was from a guy called Damon McMahon. I’d never heard of him but he has a really beautiful voice with that Devendra vibratto thing going on. Turns out he was in a band called Inouk who I’ve seen blogged about but never heard – they’re pretty good though. Anyway I guess this just follows on from the woody women post – just a dude and his guitar.

Damon McMahon – Elizabeth Taylor Buy

Damon McMahon – Not A Slave Buy

Inouk – No Danger Buy

Inouk – Elected Buy


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