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November 22, 2006 at 11:23 pm (Classics, DJ Mehdi, Ed Bangers, Eliot Lipp, Future Classic, Justice, Pitchfork, RJD2)

fafi-thumb.jpgPLOT SUMMARY: In this act Grumblemouse despairs at the way technology rules our lives.


Grumblemouse: ‘Goddam piece of shit mutherfucking ipod how dare you make me restart you for the fifth time today and so help me god laptop if you refuse to download another tune from myspace I’ll put my foot so far up your OS X 10.3.9 ass you’ll be……….

PLOT SUMMARY: In this act Grumblemouse overcomes his anger at his broke ass computer directs it elsewhere.


Grumblemouse: ‘Goddam piece of shit mutherfucking Pitchfork how can you get a DJ Mehdi album review so annoyingly wrong… and I quote

Pitchfork: “I Am Somebody” featuring Quebecois funk dudes Chromeo. Its wobbly bassline and major-key synth rushes are the sonic equivalent of waiting at the velvet rope, and Dave 1’s lyrics capture the exact moment when being refused from an old spot spurs the creation of a new spot, repeating the titular phrase as if he’s rallying the rejects.

Grumblemouse: ‘What! Have you ever listened to a Chromeo tune -they’re straight banging from the second the tune starts – the same as this tune. Chromeo were schooled from old 80’s Tommy Boy tunes when there was no build up – its a song and the tune is just hype all the way through – jeesus don’t make me come round with my Tommy Boy ‘Power Jams’ cassette and school yo ass.

DJ Mehdi ft Chromeo – I am Somebody    Buy

PLOT SUMMARY: In this act Grumblemouse recognises the most beautiful skit interlude in recent years.

Grumblemouse: Um…. yeah you have to check this out, its fucking beautiful.

DJ Mehdi – Signatune     Buy

PLOT SUMMARY: Grumblemouse schools.

Pitchfork: “Lucky Boy” featuring the breathy Fafi, has the good time trip-hop never could. But again, even the most manic moments feel like a preparation for something yet to be determined. Lucky Boy makes some calls and drives us around Paris looking for the ultimate party, never to find it, and that is both the album’s strength and weakness.

Grumblemouse: Dude! Seriously! Lucky Boy is one of the stand out tracks on the album – its all Moroccan 3am slow jam club style tunes – fuck just listen to it – its made for a club – again this tune hits home from the opening bars – I mean it owns and then keeps on owning for another 4 minutes.

DJ Mehdi ft Fafi – Lucky Boy     Buy

PLOT SUMMARY: Grumblemouse gets bored of typing and just posts the truth.

Pitchfork: Judged against similar hip-hop-influenced instrumentalists like RJD2 or Eliot Lipp, DJ Mehdi is superior.

Grumblemouse: Really! Did you just lump these 3 completely different producers in together – I’m not even gonna respond, well I am but via the medium of yousendit – see for yourself.

Eliot Lipp – Rap Tight    Buy

RJD2 – True Confessions     Buy

RJD2 – Making Days Longer    Buy

irina.jpgTHE END



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