I’m So Excited!

November 21, 2006 at 8:40 pm (Crown Dozen, Kozyndan, Lily Allen, Matt and Kim, MP3 Blog, Pat Benatar, Youtube)

Well kinda – I have an interview tomorrow which is making me excited but also way nervous as I would kinda like the job – I’ve been preparing so it should be ok. There’s one band that I love partly because they always look so excited when they play. Matt and Kim have a new video for Yea Yeah and its awesome – see below.

Matt and Kim’s debut album cam out recently and you can cop it from itunes here

Another song that makes me excited is Pat Benetar’s Love Is A Battlefield. I first heard this as an instrumental with Pharcyde’s Passing Me By on a Z-Trip 12″ that I picked up somewhere. Since then I’ve heard it on a bunch of mixtapes most recently being the Diplo Solid Steel mix I posted last week. Anyway I love it and it makes me excited and hopefully it will make you excited too.

Pat Benatar – Love Is A Battlefield      Buy

Another thing that makes me excited is that the guys over at Crown Dozen have included me in their Top Twelve MP3 blogs along with some of my favorite blogs – check out the other 12 here. They also have an interview with my favorite illustrators Kozyndan which you can read here

Oh and so far no one has won the Lily Allen competition!



  1. toebee dee said,

    what job’s that droog? holler at me

  2. lynton said,

    Well congrats on the Crown Dozen props. Gotta get over.
    In my own nerdling way I am awash in your glory – I know of all the blogs and 9 of the 12 in my list. The halo effect! 🙂
    Yeah I’m a dork.

  3. Adrian said,

    You really gotta see them live. The crowd goes bananas, and the energy is electrifying. I’m giving away a couple of the new M&K CD’s on my blog. Check it out:


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