Get Your Learn On Vol.1

November 18, 2006 at 4:05 am (Albums, Baile Funk, Blogs, books, Celebrity Stuff, chicken noodle soup, Classics, Crosby, Future Classic, Grumble Grumble, Jefferson Airplane, Jungle, Live Vicariously, Mixtape, random, Read About It, Songs, Stills and Nash, Summer Banger!!!, techno, Worldwide)

girlstudy.jpgZoop zoop! So I rounded up some love tinternet today and here it is for you. I’m super in love or in awe of Second Life – I can’t get it on my wack-top as its too old but the time I spent in SL was amazing and I can’t wait to get back in there – seriously its the future kids!

boystudy.gifRead all about day to day shizz on SL on New World Notes. There is a really interesting article about SL sign up and membership here.

So there is this podcast that I have loved for a while that was given during SXSW 2006 between Craig from Craigslist and the dude from Wikipedia, I mean kids you need this Big Fucking Interesting Podcast.

Y’all who are into this shizz need to listen to this Town Hall Second Life Pcast. Town Hall – Nov 16th 2006. Here is an mp3 of the main guys at Linden Labs (the guys that run Second Life) chatting about SL and answering questions from kids in SL. nicenice.

OK – so as per my rant yesterday eve – I think everyone should read this article from the NY Times about the Brand Underground. Whats up with these kids!


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