Blogging LIVE from Vice-geist 2006

November 17, 2006 at 3:40 am (Crosby, Future Classic, Grumble Grumble, Stills and Nash)

vice.JPGMaybe I’m just tired or maybe I’ve hit a point in my life but I was more than non-plussed by Vice’s 4th (UK) B-day this evening. Sure there were free drinks until midnight and sure Ed Bangers had the main room on lock but it was all a little too hmmm I dunno zeitgeisty perhaps. I’ve been reading a lot of old magazines, like THE FACE from 1988 and i-D from 1990 and its really interesting – the articles are great and so on point but sitting 17 years away from it all you can’t help but think how futile the whole ‘scene’ thing is. I guess if Jimi or the Doors or the Beatles never had a scene then shit would have been different but seriously are the Horrors or Metronomy (who I really like) gonna mean shit in 3, 4 or 17 years time. Reading old copies of Straight No Chaser has been interesting – a couple of people who were all over that magazine have made it big – namely Gilles Peterson and James Lavelle but apart from that most people mentioned and championed in the magazine have either faded away or, well faded away. I don’t know much about MAD or that other magazine that was English in the 60’s that always got into trouble but really, apart from helping keep certain scene’s alive what purpose do they have – this shit won’t be relevant in 10 years – yeah it was fun while it lasted but was it really that fun fighting your way through Turnmills, paying £4.50 for a bottle of beer only to have it knocked on the floor by some Ketamine addled eejit who’s driven down from Kent for the evening in the hope of pulling some sluttily dressed marketing bint.

sebastian.JPGMy friend’s Dad lived in London in the 60’s and said it swang for about 100 people – for the rest of them it sucked. I feel the same way about tonight’s party – if you work at Vice or think its cool to hang out at a Vice party then it was a fucking riot but for the rest of us that see right through Vice’s live-to-promote ethos then it was pretty shit. I don’t know what upsets me more, the fact that the party was full of wannabe Vice kids, 1st year advertising agency project managers out to get fucked and dance to ‘whats cool’ or the fact that it actually was so cool. I mean The Horrors, a whole room of Ed Banger, Metronomy and Van She – thats fucking cool. Maybe I just expected Vice to pull something a little different out of their hat but I guess if you’re onto a good thing why fuck with it – I guess at least the brand managers at Vladivar, Corona and Xbox will be able to understand and feel privileged that they were part of it. Maybe thats it – maybe the whole Vice B-day is an outing for the account managers at the respective agencies of the brands that sponsor the party – a sort of catch 22 symbiotic event – I dunno – maybe I’m just grumpy – maybe I need to go to bed – maybe I ned to stop thinking so much.

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway here are a bunch of versions of the best song in the world.

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young – Four Dead In Ohio

Neil Young – Ohio (acoustic) LIVE

The Isley Brothers – Ohio (Machine Gun)

The Isley Brothers – Ohio (Machine Gun) LIVE

Jimi Hendrix – Machine Gun



  1. Tomcat said,

    “maybe I’m just grumpy – maybe I need to go to bed – maybe I ned to stop thinking so much.”

    nope Chay seriously, that’s one of the best posts in f*cking ages. One of my very favourite tunes, the CSNY one get’s busted out on vinyl specially.


    : )

  2. toebee dee said,


    I hear ya; its not age or grumpiness (or perhaps it is and I’m joining you son) its having the objectivity for seeing these things for what they are, beyond the booze haze and stale funk of trendy drug smoke. The best parties are never sponsored, nor co-opted.

    “You’ll never take our freedom!”

    Lil’ P

  3. Have I become a cunt? What became of UDSH? « Upside Down Stupid Hat said,

    […] now -a while ago I wrote a post about Vice magazine’s birthday party – which you can read here – anyway I just want to say that I feel that I was definitely grumpy when I wrote that post – I […]

  4. Kyriacos said,


  5. Chiquita said,

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