Dip Low Low Low

November 13, 2006 at 2:53 pm (Mixtape)

diplo.GIFdiplo.GIFdiplo.GIFdiplo.GIFI was digging through an old box o CDs the other day and found these promo mixes for RJD2’s ‘Since We Last Spoke’ released back in 04. Both mixes are great – essentially made up from tunes on the album however its interesting to see what they throw down over the top – both mixes are great and sound completely different. Talking of Diplo in 04 here’s his Solid Steel mix.

Diplo + RJD2 – Diplo Vs RJD2

Haul & Mason + RJD2 – Haul & Mason the 11th Hour Megamix

Diplo – Solid Steel Mix

Apologies for all the upside down stupid pictures but wordpress is being difficult and I’m out the door!



  1. Anthony said,

    Is 2004 old-school? 😛

  2. grumblemouse said,

    yeah its pretty old school – 2002 is considered retro nowadays right?

  3. Nathan said,

    howdy! i really must get hold of the Diplo Vs RJD2 mix, its so cool. can u send me a link of file? the yousendit file has expired…. 😦

    thanks dude. 🙂

  4. Noah said,

    Yo yo, I’ve been trying to track down the Diplo Solid Steel mix for a while now. The two snippets I have are sick. Anyway you can reup or email it to me? Thanks.

  5. swade said,

    is there anyway to still get these since the link expired??????? thanks!!!!

  6. steve said,

    is there anyway i can get these please lovin them all?????????????

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