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November 2, 2006 at 6:05 am (Albums, Songs)

APOLOGY: Ok so again apologies for being a slack ‘blogger’ but I’ve been kinda busy recently and my computer isn’t feeling so good so every page takes forwever to load. Aaaaanyway.

MANCHESTER: So the day after Fabric me and my friends went to Manchester for In The City which was pretty wack to be honest. The first night we went to see The Whip again and they were even better than Fabric – they were suported by some band called The Headlines who were really good but I can’t really remember what they sound like. I went to watch a panel about women in the music industry which was soooooo funny. Literally a bunch of girls / women who work in the industry basically saying, hang out with people, get drunk, smile a lot and you’ll end up in a job – then do it all again and you’ll end up with a better job! Fucking rediculous. The rest of our time was spent wandering the streets looking for edible food which is much harder than you would think in Manchester. Oh I did pickup a bunch of good tunes which I shall be posting at some point.

NEW YORK: So yesterday we flew into New York for CMJ which was such a relief – here they have good weather and food that you can eat. We went to see the Sup Magazine / Music For Robots party – Sebastian Schuller played lo-fi electro singer songwriter stuff which was cool and then Findlay Brown played acoustic guitar. He’s soo good, one of his songs which I’ve posted before is all about a dead sailor writing a love song to a sunken ship. Then today I checked out Cansei De Ser Sexy who are pretty good, I mean the vocals are pretty ropey but its defo good party music. Then we checked out a singer songwriter girl called Jaymay who was really good – lots of songs about love and her mate was playing a squeeze box very badly but it made the whole show so much more endearing. Then we saw Ferraby Lionheart who is some guy from LA who was kinda like the Guillemots if they were a bit more straight laced or perhaps if the Guillemots were supporting the Dresden Dolls then the first band of the evening might be Ferraby. Anyway here’s a tune by Jaymay.

Jaymay – Sea Green, Sea Blue


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