Dancing In The DJ Booth Is Cheating

October 27, 2006 at 7:16 pm (Albums, Blogs, Celebrity Stuff, Crosby, Stills and Nash)

So I went down to Fabric hier soir for Adventures in the Beetroot Fields which was really good. First we saw The Whip from Manchester who were really good although I’m convinced the first tune they played completely nicked the bass line from Seven Nation Army – but yeah as Northern White Stripes Electro re-interpretors go they were great. Then I saw some Circulus which was soooo funny – a bunch of dudes dressed up as druids playing psych-folk-funk versions of 14th Century italian minstrel songs – it was all going really well until they pissed me off by completely rinsing a Grace Slick bass-line and then starting to ‘rock out’ – it was like watching Bill and Ted return from Medieval England with a bunch of wandering types and putting on a show with guitar solos and recorders – seriously I laughed out loud. Then came Cajun Dance Party who I think are fucking awesome – I’ve chatted about them before but I never realised just how young the lead singer is – but yeah the lead guitarist was so good – he looked like a young David Geffen – all jew fro and Keith Richards posing. They made such a good front couple him and the singer. Then came Hot Club De Paris who were awesome too – my favorite bit was when they did some barber shop harmonies of how they’d ‘fuck any thing that walks’ Then things started going down hill – the club was getting packed and Surkin came on and the Sebastian and Kavinsky but seriously, unless you’re gonna give yourself over to the night, that music is too much for a Thursday. Props to People Are Germs for that somthing to midnight Justice track and also Skull Juice for holding down the Bloggers Room before the club filled up. Oh we did see the Sunshine Underground but I’m not that into them.



  1. Jonah said,

    music? links?

  2. grumblemouse said,

    sorry not today – I’m going to Manchester first thing in the morning and from there going to NY so I gotta pack – will defo be looking for some The Whip and I got some Circulus coming.

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