Guess Who’s Back?

October 25, 2006 at 8:11 pm (Albums, Blogs, Classics, Future Classic, Mixtape, Summer Banger!!!, Worldwide)

Sorry blog people for being so lame and not updating so much of late but I’ve been working and going out and generally not being sat in front of my computer with a beer which some may say is healthy. Anyway I finished my job today which was sad as all the people that I worked with were really cool and I would have liked to stay but I guess Manchester and NY will be cool. Sometimes I like to think that I could feature in my own TV series about me getting travelling around the world trying to get jobs in the music industry (anyone who’s read David Sedaris will realise that this is a normal thing to do) – I never really focus on the plot but you can bet yo ass that this tune will be the soundtrack. I actually sang this tune to one of the guys in Other Music, not knowing the name of it or the artist, and the dude new what it was exactly – now that’s service.

William Onyeabor – Better Change Your Mind          buy

So yeah I got to listen to a lot of wicked music at my little job and I know have a new favorite tune. The Folk Implosion is Lou Barlow from Sebadoh and some other dude – I never really got into Sebadoh but Lou’s solo album from about 2 years ago blew my mind – kinda like Postal Service for grown ups.

The Folk Implosion – Serge           buy

Serge samples Requiem Pour Un Con which is one of my favorite Serge Gainsbourg tracks and one of the meanest breaks ever. Listening to that puts me in the mind of my favorite pseudo Serge track ‘Elle Et Moi’ by Max Berlin. I know nothing about Max Berlin but this tune is like some amazing Soul II Soul remix of a lost Gainsbourg tune.

Max Berlin – Elle Et Moi

Of late I have kinda become a little obsessed with old style and music magazines. My room is getting cluttered with early nineties copies of THE FACE, i-D, Sleazenation and Straight No Chaser. Straight No Chaser is amazing because back then it seems that the whole scene revolved around Gilles Peterson and James Lavelle. Now Lavelle was a sorta hero of mine back when I was growing up in Norwich, I was 16 when Mo Wax released Endtroducing, Dr Octagon and Attica Blues which were / are 3 very important albums to me – however back in 92 the label hadn’t released much yet he seems to feature so much in the mag its odd. Anyway recently LCD Soundsystem released a tune for Nike to celebrate some old bit of thing which I’m half way through listening to now. Its good, kinda like a segued mixtape but I’ve still got my CD from 1997 when Mo Wax produced a CD for Nike to help launch some Air Max and Zoom Airs – I remember thinking that this tune was AMAZING – anyway I guess whatever you say about Lavelle (and people seem to say a great deal) he’s always been pretty ahead the game even if it is just aligning himself with great people such as the upcoming UNKLE album (I’ve heard from a friend who’s heard it that its fucking amazing).

Mo Wax – Air Zoom Flight 5 (Jason Kidd)

LCD Soundsytem – 45 33 Nike + Original Run



  1. lynton said,

    Nice post – we missed ya!
    All that talk of early 90’s mags reminds me of my mispent music-nerd youth. I live in Oz (Perth), which was a long way from any happening dance scene back then. The news from The Face and i-D was a welcome shot in the arm. It is amazing how much heat little labels could generate in those mags and in those days before the internets it was about the nearest to having a blog recommendation. As a result I ended up chasing down Sunship’s “Muthafuckin” on Dorado, Moving in the Right Direction’s “5 Minutes of Funk” on Kold Sweat and some early Mo Wax – which I gotta say was an amazing introduction to the UK scene. Love those mags!
    PS. the first photo shoot of Kate Moss in The Face was ok too!

  2. lynton said,

    PS to that last comment. As much as Shadow’s “In/flux” is seen as THE track of early MoWax I gotta say I didn’t rate it nearly as high as 33RPM’s “Food of My DeRhythm” and “2000”. I thought these guys were the bomb and definitely deserved more heat. Time to dig out the dusty 12s.

  3. grumblemouse said,

    hmmm dude – that was a good tune but seriously In/Flux was good – you got any Vinx?????

  4. cifanic said,

    hey can you repost the LCD Soundsystem one? I missed it! DOH

  5. Curt McGirt said,

    Hey, Any chance of a rehost/repost with the Mo’Wax/Nike bizness??!! Cheers dude.

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