Cajun Dance Party

October 10, 2006 at 8:10 pm (Blogs, Future Classic, Songs)

cajun.jpgJust to clarify, I never started this blog in an attempt to get my writing noticed and further my career as a journalist – I know that I can’t write for shit and to be honest most of the time I don’t understand what the fuck Pitchfork are going on about. However I do love finding new music and new bands – the best thing about finding new bands is being able to go and see them at some tiny venue and song along to the tunes with most of the crowd consisting of the band’s mates – also I can’t stand large venues and I HATE to (read am unable to) book in advance for shows – tickets have just been announced for the Guillemots in February!!!!! Anyway the hype seems to be building around Cajun Dance Party so go see them quick. They’re nice UK Schmindie in that new vein of Los Campesinos! and I really think they could brighten your walk / drive to work this Autumn / Fall.

Cajun Dance Party – Analyse

Cajun Dance Party – The Next Untouchable

So I’m stepping up the Upside Down myspace page – I can’t be fucked to pimp it at the moment but what you will start finding in the blog section are embedded music videos. Today I uploaded an amazing Bessie Smith video of St. Louis Blues and a couple of Gil Scott Heron videos. Seriously the Bessie Smith one is sooooo worth watching. If you haven’t checked the Stupid Hat myspace then check it here.



  1. Mr k said,

    The first song’s Amylase, not Analyse! Good joke though. The band seem to have exploded recently, I went to one of their gigs last month and there were a couple of hundred kids singing along word perfectly.

  2. grumblemouse said,

    ha thanks – yeah thats what it said on their myspace but then for some reason I thought maybe they’d got it wrong

  3. Amy said,

    2 words? Mixtape Monday??? Dayums!!!! slacker

  4. Photos And Gigs | Le Blog » Blog Archive » A ecouter d’urgence #01 said,

    […] le moment c’est du tout bon :Cajun Dance Party at Upside Down Stupid Hat « Voxtrot – La Maroquinerie – […]

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