H To Tha O V

October 8, 2006 at 9:58 pm (Blogs, Classics, Future Classic, Songs)

jay-z.jpgSo Jay-Z is finally out of retirement eh – seems to me like he’s been more prolific since he retired than ever before. Anyways the new track is all right – my fave bit is where he says ‘Give the drummer some, I already gave the Summer some, its the Winter’s turn‘. Dear Summer was a proper Summer tune, all lazy, hazy and drawn out with the sped up Weldon Irvine vocals from Morning Sunrise. This time round its fall and he’s sampled my favorite tune for this time of year Darkest Light by the Lafayette Afro Rock Band. When I was growing up Wreckx-N-Effect used it for Rump Shaker which was quite good a tune when you were only 12. Anyway I always used to play this when I was DJing, the horn intro is so haunting and the rest of the tune so meandering and sexy – dayums. Show Me What You Got also samples Shaft In Africa by Johnny Pate which was a huge block party tune and featured on those Ultimate Breaks and Beats compilations.

Jay-Z – Show Me What You Got

Johnny Pate – Shaft In Africa

Lafayette Afro Rock Band – Darkest Light

Big Ups to Different Kitchen, Idolator and Nah Right for spreading the love. Amazon has plenty Lafayette Afro Rock Band and also Shaft In Africa.

UPDATE: it would appear that great minds think alike. Somebody just pointed out that the great Soul Sides has posted the exact same thing as me only a few hours before – I swear guv’ I wasn’t copying honest.


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