Super Quick Post

October 6, 2006 at 2:10 pm (Blogs, Classics, Mixtape)

Gotta be quick on this as my luch hour has almost finished and I still need my cup o’ tea and fag.

Went to a talk at the ICA last night hosted by Tom and Will from Lex Records which was wicked – musings to follow soon.

Saw Leo Minor’s debut European performance at Help The Jaded – seriously it was soooo good – I really think he’s gonna be fucking huge – seriously.

NME had this mix on the free CD – for all y’all that don’t want to waste £2.50 on the Grazia of the indie world cop the mix here – Simian Mobile Disco mixing up a bunch of French techno / electro, some Simian remixes and an obligatory Klaxons tune – RAVVVEEEE!!! or not. Actually the mix is pretty good, but I refuse to call it neu Rave, indie kids have been dancing for years and a day glo t-shirt and one kicks like a mule cover does not a stupid genre make.

Club NME present Simian Mobile Disco – Dancefloor Distortion Mix

Oh and Sunday is Bloggers Delight at The Lock Tavern – I’m DJing so come down.   



  1. slutty fringe said,

    nice one UpsideDown – I wanted to check this mix!


  2. toebee dee said,

    mr hat

    sorry you had to pay-times were tight bro

    anyways.. any readers, we’ll be getting mr upside down hat along to play Help The Jaded on 7 December-come on down

  3. josh said,

    love the mix

  4. Amy said,

    Yey! I love love it. Mixtape Friday! In case anyone was wondering …

    1. Ross Ross Ross – Sebastian
    2. The Fallen (Justice remix) – Franz Ferdinand
    3. Bongo Song – Zongamin
    4. Crosswords – Mystery Jets
    5. Standing in The Way of Control (Soulwax Night Version) – The Gossip.
    6. Seka Wants Your VCS3 – The Emperor Machine
    7. Magick (Simian Mobile Disco mix) – Klaxons
    8. Fa-Fa-Fa – Datarock
    9. SecretLife – Material
    10. Du Dun-Dun – Para One
    11. Elvisss (demo) – These New Puritans
    12. I Know Kung Fu (James Fod Edit) – ShitDisco
    13. Hustler – Simian Mobile Disco
    14. Jupiter Room (Martian Assult edit) – Digitalism
    15. Boy from School (Erol Alkan extended rework) – Hot Chip

  5. lynton said,

    Thanks for the link. Tasty mix, but damn if that isn’t some of the most twee design on the cover. Smiley face + Guitars = Pirate flag for neu-ravers. Shit, do these guys even know what design is these days?
    RIP Output records: great trax and the visuals to match.

  6. journeryfan said,

    this mix is awesome…. i heard that it was reined in quite a lot by nme so the fact that its still boss is a testament to the djs skills and selections – theyre freakin’ amazing djs in a proper club that’s for sure …. that klaxons remix is magic too… nice.

  7. Amy said,

    is there any chance you could repost this or send it to me?? please!!! xx

  8. Matt said,

    Loved this mix, the simian mobile disco productions are amazing and its a pioneering DJ set

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