Mixtape Monday – Olde Rave

September 25, 2006 at 9:22 pm (Classics, Mixtape)

raveSo everyone and his grandma is talking about neu-rave at the moment. Like it or love it I reckon its gonna be around for a while – the thing is that most of the bands pigeon-holed as neu-rave seem to just be some electro-punk-funk mess. In my opinion the real neu/new rave is the rise in super repetitive but super addictive club music – Bmore and Baile Funk are structurally way closer to olde-rave.

Anyway here’s some old mixes for you. Back in the day it was never cool to listen to DJ Dougal, he was super cheesy but this mix has got some pretty classic tunes on it. Top Buzz were cool but they never made the transition to jungle so they became wack I guess somewhere around 94. DJ Sy I also ways considered an also ran, a little hit and miss whereas someone like Mickey Finn always came correct – saying that this Sy mix is pretty dope. Ratpack were ok back in the day but like Top Buzz they never made the transition into jungle and can still be found playing some Back To The Old School club night in Milton Keynes. Anyway all these mixes are old enough to be chock full of classic hardcore / rave tunes – WHISTLE POSSE BLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ Dougal @ Dreamscape 7

Top Buzz @ Dance Planet – The Detonator

DJ Sy @ Dreamscape 3

Mickey Finn @ Fantazia 1993

Rat Pack @ Fantazia – Castle Donnington 1992


1 Comment

  1. david said,

    ack, looks like i missed out on these…can you send me them? I’m gooing over classic rave right now!

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