Who Or What Is An Oxy Cottontail?

September 20, 2006 at 6:54 pm (Mixtape, random, Summer Banger!!!)

Oxy!Sorry I’ve been so lame recently and not posting so much, the stupid customer service has somehow drained me of any motivation but I think I’m getting it back. I’m actually really annoyed at myself as I’ve been meaning to post about Oxy for a while now and then Pitchfork comes along and reviews the single. What annoys me most is not that they got there first but the review is actually really on point and pretty much what I was going to say – read it here.

I went back to my parents the other day and noticed that the first bookmark on my dads bookmarks toolbar was Stupid Hat – its really cool that my dad reads this blog but then it makes me feel a bit odd when I use words like c*nt or cl*t but I want I really want to know is what happens when Oxy heads back to her mom’s house in the burbs

‘hey mom, I made a new tune’

‘oh thats nice dear whats it about? Is it one of those hippy hoppy songs you kids listen to’

‘yeah kinda mom, I rap about coke and how my p*ssy is always wet’

‘oh thats nice dear’

Check Oxy in her undies at lastnightsparty here.

So I was chatting to my mate about the blog and he said he really liked it but that maybe it could do with a bit of brightening up so we’re gonna test drive having photos on her – lemme know what you think?

Aaron LaCrate ft Oxy Cottontail – Oxy’s Anthem


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