September 15, 2006 at 3:24 pm (Blogs, Mixtape, Songs, Summer Banger!!!)

Haha, I love spam – its some of the funniest writing ever. Today I received an e-mail with the title ‘Are you ashamed to visit swimming pools because of your small penis?’ – now surely if you’ve got a small penis going swimming isn’t your biggest worry! Anyway I’ve been listening to this wicked mix by Sup & Dyno from Laid Back. Check the first track for some jazz as sampled by DJ Shadow – what a break!!!!! The rest is some nice old soul, new soul and hip hop bits.

Sup & Dyno – Mellow Budget Pt 2

 So a big weekend coming up – tonight you’ve got Dead Disco playing at 333 with Black Wire but the proper action is over at Fabric. Now I don’t normally go to Fabric, I haven’t been ‘clubbing’ for ages – in fact last time I went to Fabric I swore that I would never go there again – its full of fucking idiots and little italian teenagers wearing furry boots. Anyway tonight we’re going to Fabric – not for Room One which is hosted by Wall of Sound and looks a little 90’s. Room 2 has some good ish – Justice, Lo-Fi-Fnk (live) and Para One (live) but to be honest I’m really only going for room 3 which has DJ Orgasmic, Diplo, Radioclit, Sinden and Scottie B. I don’t know if anyone copped the mix he did for Discobelle but its fucking wicked.

Then on Sunday its Neil Boorman’s Bonfire Of The Brands – don’t know how many of you have been following his blog, it’s a super interesting project. Basically he’s lived a completely Brand obsessed life and he’s going to have a big bonfire of all his stuff and try and live brand free and then write a book about it – anyone who wants to come down and share a flask of tea holla! Oh and these are my two favorite tunes today

Bat For Lashes – Prescilla

Feist – When I Was A Young Girl

I love the claps in these songs – buy the Bat For Lashes album here and the Feist album here


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