Go Do This

September 8, 2006 at 5:01 pm (Blogs, Future Classic, random)

Cansei De Ser Sexy play 93 ft East tonight – The Daily Growl has some live tunes.

Lost Penguin and friends play 333 tonight.

SebatiAn’s remix of Nadiya is the best song in the world – get it at Palms Out Sounds. Suprising that such an amazing tune could come from something as wack as this – maybe I need to hear his remix of Si Loin De Vous which must be even better.

Casper C from Fluokids launches his new night Blogger’s Delight at the Lock Tavern on Sunday with guest including Headphone Sex, Radioclit and some insane special guests that I’m not allowed to talk about!!!!!.

Upside Down Stupid Hat gets myspace – come be our friend.

Los Campesinos play Water Rats on Monday.

(no downloads today as I’m at my parents and can’t get yousendit to work)

Oh and make sure to check out Neil Boorman’s new Bonfire Of The Brands site as its moved from Blogger.


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