Get Involved – Paul Devro Edition

September 6, 2006 at 12:04 am (Blogs, Classics, Future Classic, Grumble Grumble, Mixtape, Summer Banger!!!)

So I’ve literally had one of the oddest / most rubbish but at the same time good days in my life – some of the major reasons I’m not gonna discuss here but others include working back at a shit job I had a year ago for some cash in hand work – I worked there for a whole year and I only just managed today – its seriously the most mind numbing shit that I’ve ever had to deal with. I left work and had a meeting with some cool ‘creative’ magazine who need some hook ups with some bands which was cool (if I forget then remind me about the sucking satan’s cock post I have planned). Then I went to see my new favorite band We Are Invasion who are soooo soo good and I’m completely in love with the lead singer. Then I ended up hooking up with some friends and having beers which was good but somehow odd – the last few days for all sorts of reasons have really left me reeling and I just feel fucked to be honest, all day I kept thinking my brain was going to just fall out of my ears and land on the desk in front of me. So imagine my joy when I get an email from my boy Paul Devro saying he’s got a new mix from Radio Zero. I fucking love this blog – its new and a bit shit but I’ve gotten to meet some really amazing people through it and also had some amazing ego boosting compliments from people I respect which is very important when you’re some unemployed dude trying to maskerade as a freelance ‘music knower’. I actually like that term because it is exactly what I profess to be – I just kinda know some shit. I like it like that – some people I love and I want to help tell the world about them and I get to. Paul Devro who I have never met but if my CMJ plan goes to plan maybe I will – but yeah Paul Devro plays amazing tunes and also most importantly seems like a really nice guy who sends me e-mails when I most need them. I’m not even half way into this mix and already I feel like the world is a better place – thanks dude – I owe you a beer.

Radio Zero – Paul Devro Edition Sept 1st 06

So after all my cut and pasting of links I’m now a little after half way through this mix and seriously its so good – who knew Canadians knew anything about 2-Step – I love UK Garage and used to play so many tunes when I DJ’d in Bristol, of course mixed in with all sorts of French house and Hip Hop.

You should go and buy Paul Devro’s legitimate fucking awesome mixtape from his site here

Anyway sorry to turn this blog into a 14 year old dear diary style thing but life is tricky some times – you get older every day and you become able to deal with certain situations but then new situations arrive that you have never dealt with – I dunno – bust this mix – its fucking amazing – I’m near the end now and there’s some Moments Of Love Paul Devro remix of some Rashid ft T.I tune and now were into some Reggaeton tune that I’ve never heard but is produced by Devro which is proper. Get the tracklisting to this mix here.


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  1. Amy said,

    ooh – i actually do like it very much.. ya got me w/ Duchess Says finally..

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