Mixtape Monday 7

September 4, 2006 at 10:28 am (Classics, Future Classic, Mixtape, Songs, Summer Banger!!!)

So I had this long ass post written about how this weeks Mixtape Monday was all about the old school – like 50’s soul, R&B and Carolina beach music. I dug out the Bullit mixes and found the Impalaville mix at the bottom of some box of CDs – It was all nice and I had the tunes all uploaded and then I got a little drunky and chatting on IM and suddenly I’ve got some Kiss FM Carnival mix from Sinden and a mix that Radioclit did for Vice Magazine but they never put on their site – so I officially declare today BEST MIXTAPE MONDAY EVER day.

Good Old Music

Jonny Paycheck – Impalaville

DJ Bullitt – Mixtape #2

DJ Bullitt – Mix CD 2

Good New Music

Radioclit – Vice Magazine Mix

Graeme Sinden – Carnival Weekend Kiss FM Mix (Part 1)

Graeme Sinden – Carnival Weekend Kiss FM Mix (Part 2)

Johnny Paycheck runs a really rather good record shop in NYC called Good Records and I think I bought this copy from Turntable Lab. DJ Bullitt is part of the Stoodio 53 collective in Boston or more precisely Cambridge, MA and can be found spinning fucking amazing tunes at River Gods on Saturdays. He’s also an amazing chef and cooked me the best chicken and collard greens I have ever eaten – plus you know they got some good beer in Boston mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm. You all know Sinden and Radioclit – both of these mixes are wicked – be knowing that the Sinden mix aired over Carnival weekend and the Vice mix was made a little while ago.



  1. slutty fringe said,


    nice one upside down hat

  2. pablo said,

    anyway to get a re-up on that sinden mix?

  3. doodleboy said,

    Pretty please with extra cheese re-up the radioclit and sinden mixes – perhaps z-share instead of the stingy 50 downloads/7days YSI might be a thought!!!???!!

  4. grumblemouse said,

    ok – re up this monday

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