Goodbye Summer 2

September 3, 2006 at 3:30 pm (Classics, Future Classic, Songs, Stills and Nash)

So I went to a really good birthday / leaving party the other night and danced my ass off – there were a bunch of DJs playing loads of old soul and funk and a little hip hop and one of them was Martin M Craft. Dragonfly was my favorite tune from his debut 2004 mini album ‘I Can See It All Tonight’ – its perfect beautiful folk that kinda reminds me a little of that Lou Barlow album EMOH. Another UK based folk artist is Findlay Brown – really reminds me of CSNY and those guys.

M Craft – Dragonfly

Findlay Brown – I Will (Ghost Ship)

You can purchase all of M Craft’s releases at iTunes and I can’t find anywhere to purchase the Findlay Brown 7″, in fact he’s released 2 but I can’t find either of them – hang out on his myspace and maybe you’ll find one? I did however find a video of him playing live which you can watch here.


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