Bloggers Against Beatdowns

September 28, 2006 at 1:21 pm (Classics, Future Classic, Grumble Grumble)

beat-down.jpgSo I was gonna post about some nice new scmindie bands today but I’m not gonna. Basically whilst walking home last night I got fucking jumped by a gang of 12 kids – I managed to escape with no more than a Bruce Lee kick to the head and a pretty scary chase down the rd – luckily I didn’t drop my ipod or phone but I guess what’s luckier is that the little bastards didn’t catch me – fucking 12 on 1! I’m not fucking Ghost Dog (which I watched again the other day and its soo good) Anyway here’s some nice music that has nothing whatsoever to do with beating people down or up.ghost-dog_7.jpg

Jimi Hendrix – 1983…(A Merman I Should Turn To Be)

The Guillemots – Sea Out

The Guillemots – Over The Stairs

‘Sup Magazine finally has distribution in the UK and to celebrate they’re having a party tonight at the The Old Queen’s Head in Islington – The Dolly Daggers play live and Radioclit nice up the dancefloor.

The Dolly Daggers – The Queen Of The 21st Century

So I’m really grateful to Neil Boorman AKA Mr Bonfire Of The Brands for re awakening my love / hate interest in branding – I just got my copy of The Savage Girl through the post and the first few chapters are amazing and you should read this article from NY Times all about the ‘Brand Underground’ featuring A-Ron from aNYthing – read here.

Troubled Minds have a dope line up for tomorrow night at 333 – Adventure Playground, 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster DJ set and  Mickey Finn playing some old skool classics.

And last but by no means least Help The Jaded at the The Fly have Leo Minor’s debut UK show a week from today – this is not to be missed – Thursday 5th October.

Oh and I found this tune on my computer – its by Mama Lion, the lead singer Lynn Carey is the voice behind the Carrie Nations who feature in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls – the mp3 is a little fucked, its got some little skips in it but her voice is so amazing.

Mama Lion – Aint No Sunshine


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Mixtape Monday – Olde Rave

September 25, 2006 at 9:22 pm (Classics, Mixtape)

raveSo everyone and his grandma is talking about neu-rave at the moment. Like it or love it I reckon its gonna be around for a while – the thing is that most of the bands pigeon-holed as neu-rave seem to just be some electro-punk-funk mess. In my opinion the real neu/new rave is the rise in super repetitive but super addictive club music – Bmore and Baile Funk are structurally way closer to olde-rave.

Anyway here’s some old mixes for you. Back in the day it was never cool to listen to DJ Dougal, he was super cheesy but this mix has got some pretty classic tunes on it. Top Buzz were cool but they never made the transition to jungle so they became wack I guess somewhere around 94. DJ Sy I also ways considered an also ran, a little hit and miss whereas someone like Mickey Finn always came correct – saying that this Sy mix is pretty dope. Ratpack were ok back in the day but like Top Buzz they never made the transition into jungle and can still be found playing some Back To The Old School club night in Milton Keynes. Anyway all these mixes are old enough to be chock full of classic hardcore / rave tunes – WHISTLE POSSE BLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ Dougal @ Dreamscape 7

Top Buzz @ Dance Planet – The Detonator

DJ Sy @ Dreamscape 3

Mickey Finn @ Fantazia 1993

Rat Pack @ Fantazia – Castle Donnington 1992

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Mixtape Monday – Stones Throw

September 25, 2006 at 6:27 pm (Blogs, Future Classic, Mixtape, Songs, Worldwide)

stones throwFor those that choose to snooze rather than get busy on the interweb you might have missed a little thing called podcasts. I’m sure people checking blogs know what a podcast is but have you been getting the Stones Throw podcasts? I think they’ve only had about 9 of them but everyone is a winner and this Madlib one is one of my favorites. As the title suggests its just Madlib and some funk 45s but there’s a bit in the middle where all the tunes are about heroin and its soooooooo good. The Journey Into Fresh Digging mix came out around the time of Madlib’s last album and its super fresh – loads of remixes, b-sides and tunes that Madlib sampled.

Stones Throw Podcast – Madlib’s 45s Mix

DJ Troubl – Quasimoto Meets Himself : A Journey Into Fresh Digging

Don’t be a dummy – sign up to the Stones Throw podcasts here. Stones Throw always come with the goodness and here’s a couple of treats from them. Georgia Anne Muldrow is the only girly girl to be signed to the label but don’t call her a soul singer – she wrote, produced and sang all the tracks on her debut album – the female Madlib? She’s worked with Sa-Ra and Platinum Pied Pipers so you know she’s got talent. You would have thought that Madlib, seeing how talented he is, would have used up all the family musical talent, however his brother Oh No is pretty talented too – very solid West Coast dusty hip hop.

Georgia Anne Muldrow – A Reqiuem For Leroy

Oh No ft Posdnous – Smile A Little Bit

Oh and I can’t post about Stones Throw without posting this tune by Aloe Blacc which has been destroying me for a while now – purest future soul.

Aloe Blacc – Whole World

Emusic has Madlib’s latest album here, Georgia’s latest album here, Oh No’s latest album here, and Aloe Blacc’s latest album here.

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Mixtape Monday – Amel Da Bee

September 25, 2006 at 1:06 pm (Classics, Future Classic, Mixtape)

DonutsSo I don’t know much about Amel Da Bee other than he’s French and seems to spend his time between Paris and San Fran. He’s part of the Laid Back crew and I first heard D’OriginalNUTS back when Dilla’s Donuts came out. Its a fucking beautiful mix of tunes from Donuts mixed with the original tunes that Dilla sampled and I think its one of my all time favorite mixes. The FishSampleScale mix follows the the same formula but for Ghostface’s Fishscale album.

Amel Da Bee – D’OriginalNUTS

Amel Da Bee – FishSampleScale

Purchase Donuts from emusic here and Fishscale from amazon here.

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Leo Minor – You Need This (seriously)

September 21, 2006 at 3:05 pm (Classics, Future Classic, Songs, Summer Banger!!!)

loeminorDo yourself a favor and download this song – Leo Minor who hails from Tallahassee, Florida makes insanely good but difficult to describe music – both lyricist and producer think Andre 3000, think Jamie Lidell or Timbaland. With a 12″ out now on new label Uppercuts (run by Etienne Tron AKA Etienne Radioclit) its only a matter of time before this guys blows up. Seriously this ish is fire.

Leo Minor – Don’t Bring Me Down

Try and catch the 12″ over at Boomkat here and its also available on itunes here. Uppercuts have also released a single by new French popsters One-Two which is also available from itunes here.

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September 21, 2006 at 1:23 pm (Blogs, Songs, Worldwide)

kleeKlee hail from Cologne, Germany and make lovely twee schmindie / electro pop. ‘Unsere Liebe’ sounds just like Camera Obscura or perhaps that ‘New Friend’ tune by The Concretes but in German. Gold is a much more up tempo pop electro tune. I guess if they didn’t sing in German there wouldn’t be much to write home about but since that Trost record I just love German vocals.

Klee – Unsere Liebe

Klee – Gold

Buy some Klee music from emusic here

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Herman Dune

September 21, 2006 at 12:15 pm (Blogs, Classics, Future Classic, Grumble Grumble, Songs)

duneSo when I first hear Herman Dune I was like ‘WTF is up with this Paul Simon, Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl rediculousness?’ however upon further listens it would appear that they’re much more Lou Barlow via Sufjan Stevens – all tooting trumpets and twee recorders. They’ve been around for ages and have released tonnes of music but they have a new album out on 15th Oct called ‘Giant’.

Herman Dune – I Wish That I Could See You Soon

Herman Dune – Suburbs With You (John Peel Session)

And some covers from their website

Herman Dune – Iko Iko (James Sugar Boy Crawford Cover – The_Dixie_Cups_Version)

Herman Dune – Be My Baby (The Ronnettes Cover)

Cop some more covers from their website here (there’s a Silver Jews cover, a Carole King and others), buy some of their CDs here and check Dom Passantino’s review of a previous album on Stylus Magazine here

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The Carrie Nations

September 21, 2006 at 12:55 am (Albums, Classics, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Summer Banger!!!)

carrienations.jpgI can’t remember how old I was when I first saw Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls, I must have been maybe 16 and listening to a lot of Jimi Hendrix and Grace Slick. The film isn’t your usual Russ Meyer tits and violence flick – well it sort of is but there’s a band in it called The Carrie Nations who are amazing – they didn’t actually exist but the songs they play in the film are so good, very California 60’s business. Also Strawberry Alarm Clock play in the film.

The Carrie Nations – Sweet Talkin’ Candy Man

Strawberry Alarm Clock – Incense and Peppermints

You can watch some more songs on youtube.

The Carrie Nations – Gentle People (youtube)

The Carrie Nations – Find It (youtube)

The Carrie Nations – In The Long Run (youtube)

The songs were actually sung by Lynn Carey who I have never heard but I love her voice. Buy the soundtrack to the film here and some Strawberry Alarm Clock here. If you’re that way inclined you can check the bassist Cynthia Myers in the naked back in the 60’s here

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Post Of The Day

September 20, 2006 at 11:43 pm (Blogs, Read About It)

postyI’ve been thinking of all sorts of schemes for this blog since I’ve had it, some like Mixtape Monday have been cool but others like ‘go and buy a copy of Straight No Chaser from 93 and then post a bunch of the tunes they’re chatting about’ have proved a little more difficult. Anyway today I’ve decided to initiate Post Of The Day which is just me going ‘you really need to go here and het these tunes’. Today there are two posts of the day – first is FiftyOne:FiftyOne with an amazing post of Spank Rock goodness, Bmore bits and hip hop treats – get it here. Second goes to Music Is Art for a wicked Antony and the Johnsons post with all sorts of b-sides and covers – nicenice (for thems that don’t know you gotta click on the underlined words ya heard.)

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Dengue Fever

September 20, 2006 at 11:29 pm (Future Classic, Grumble Grumble, Songs, Summer Banger!!!, Worldwide)

Dengue FeverWow – Dengue Fever have a Wikipedia entry – I guess that isn’t that amazing. I’ve been listening to these guys for a while now but it was only after dancing myself sideways at Fabric the other night that I thought to post them. They sound to me a little like a Cambodian The Go! Team but perhaps played by a Strawberry Alarm Clock-esque band. Anyway I think someone like Diplo or Sinden or maybe Radioclit should remix these guys- it would be fucking dope.

Dengue Fever – Tip My Canoe

Dengue Fever – Hold My Hips

Dengue Fever – A Go Go (Live In San Fransisco)

They’ve had an album and a couple of EPs that you can get from emusic here

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Who Or What Is An Oxy Cottontail?

September 20, 2006 at 6:54 pm (Mixtape, random, Summer Banger!!!)

Oxy!Sorry I’ve been so lame recently and not posting so much, the stupid customer service has somehow drained me of any motivation but I think I’m getting it back. I’m actually really annoyed at myself as I’ve been meaning to post about Oxy for a while now and then Pitchfork comes along and reviews the single. What annoys me most is not that they got there first but the review is actually really on point and pretty much what I was going to say – read it here.

I went back to my parents the other day and noticed that the first bookmark on my dads bookmarks toolbar was Stupid Hat – its really cool that my dad reads this blog but then it makes me feel a bit odd when I use words like c*nt or cl*t but I want I really want to know is what happens when Oxy heads back to her mom’s house in the burbs

‘hey mom, I made a new tune’

‘oh thats nice dear whats it about? Is it one of those hippy hoppy songs you kids listen to’

‘yeah kinda mom, I rap about coke and how my p*ssy is always wet’

‘oh thats nice dear’

Check Oxy in her undies at lastnightsparty here.

So I was chatting to my mate about the blog and he said he really liked it but that maybe it could do with a bit of brightening up so we’re gonna test drive having photos on her – lemme know what you think?

Aaron LaCrate ft Oxy Cottontail – Oxy’s Anthem

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We Go To Church In The Club

September 18, 2006 at 9:25 pm (Classics, Mixtape, Summer Banger!!!)

So its only a little Mixtape Monday today – last week I didn’t get to check tinternet much and this weekend was busy. Fabric = great music but too many people. Anyway Scottie B played and was great – here’s a mix he did for Discobelle recently which is so good.

Scottie B – Discobelle Mix

I absolutely love the second tune with Chris Rock and Lil Jon – someone played it on Friday and its just such a hype tune.

Oh and I managed to miss most of Neil Boorman’s bonfire on Sunday but to be honest I think this is only the beginning of what looks to be a very interesting challenge – check the Bonfire Of The Brands blog here

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September 15, 2006 at 3:24 pm (Blogs, Mixtape, Songs, Summer Banger!!!)

Haha, I love spam – its some of the funniest writing ever. Today I received an e-mail with the title ‘Are you ashamed to visit swimming pools because of your small penis?’ – now surely if you’ve got a small penis going swimming isn’t your biggest worry! Anyway I’ve been listening to this wicked mix by Sup & Dyno from Laid Back. Check the first track for some jazz as sampled by DJ Shadow – what a break!!!!! The rest is some nice old soul, new soul and hip hop bits.

Sup & Dyno – Mellow Budget Pt 2

 So a big weekend coming up – tonight you’ve got Dead Disco playing at 333 with Black Wire but the proper action is over at Fabric. Now I don’t normally go to Fabric, I haven’t been ‘clubbing’ for ages – in fact last time I went to Fabric I swore that I would never go there again – its full of fucking idiots and little italian teenagers wearing furry boots. Anyway tonight we’re going to Fabric – not for Room One which is hosted by Wall of Sound and looks a little 90’s. Room 2 has some good ish – Justice, Lo-Fi-Fnk (live) and Para One (live) but to be honest I’m really only going for room 3 which has DJ Orgasmic, Diplo, Radioclit, Sinden and Scottie B. I don’t know if anyone copped the mix he did for Discobelle but its fucking wicked.

Then on Sunday its Neil Boorman’s Bonfire Of The Brands – don’t know how many of you have been following his blog, it’s a super interesting project. Basically he’s lived a completely Brand obsessed life and he’s going to have a big bonfire of all his stuff and try and live brand free and then write a book about it – anyone who wants to come down and share a flask of tea holla! Oh and these are my two favorite tunes today

Bat For Lashes – Prescilla

Feist – When I Was A Young Girl

I love the claps in these songs – buy the Bat For Lashes album here and the Feist album here

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Pineapple Punch

September 14, 2006 at 1:42 pm (Albums, Blogs, Classics, Future Classic, Mixtape)

Seriously Pineapple Punch is the best drink in the world – I LOVE IT. Anyway I’ve got a little mix for you, it starts a bit lift jazz fusion but its worth sticking with. The xylophones lift and it starts getting proper rare groove and then moving into some mid tempo jazz stuff and then into a little deeper house and then into some nice disco then back into some housey stuff and then it kinda goes all over the place – peep the tracklisting here.

Frank McGahon – 32 Tune Mix

Also make sure you go and buy the Bat For Lashes album its soooooo good – Prescilla is such a tune – fans of PJ Harvey, Feist, Bjork, Kate Bush or Imogen Heap will super love it – also reminds me a bit of Gemma Hayes. Also seeing as I’ve been banging on about Autumn you should dig out your copy of Broken Social Scene ‘You Forgot It In People’ – beautiful.

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Goodbye Summer. Hello Autumn I’ve Missed You

September 14, 2006 at 12:12 am (Blogs, Classics, Future Classic, Grumble Grumble, Songs, Summer Banger!!!)

Summer to me invokes the image of naked young things running and swimming and staying up all night getting drunk, listening to tunes and generally having to most fun ever. Autumn however invokes images of solitary walks through golden leaved parks, people walking their dogs in the park, new couples enjoying the newness of their relationships…….. in parks of course. Summer is wanton and louche. Autumn is thoughtful and ponderous. Perhaps this change in feeling and season was more apparent in my wandering musical moods today than the fact that its pissing it down with thunder, lightening and rain right now.

Languishing in my soul destroying but soon to be ending temporary employment (2 more days WOOOT!) I decided to harness the power of ‘I FUCKING OWN THE STEREO TODAY’ and invoke the power of BBC tinternet radio. First off was 6 Music which had a live performance from The Woodentops who are some folk funk rock group who I’ve never heard of before but were really good. Next we chipped over to 1Xtra who were having some Tupac day although they never played one Tupac tune while we listened – the presenter just banged on about people getting involved in the chat room – lame. Next was Benji B on 1Xtra who played some wicked tunes from Ty and some Dilla produced tunes. Then we moved over to Gilles Peterson (Benji B used to work for Gilles’ show) where we were treated to some live Amp Fiddler, some Aloe Blacc and an amazing tune by Germany’s Breakout(a deep funk cover of Planet Rock that also seemed to sample The Mexican). Next we listened to a documentary about Dangermouse and Cee-Lo that was fucking awful, as was the documentary about how hip hop has been blamed for the Paris riots, as was the documentary about hip-hop in NY post 9/11 – seriously who makes this fucking pap. Next we listened to Steve Lamacq who played Stupid Hat favorites Los Campesinos, The Klaxons and Protokoll. Other bands of note were Cajun Dance Party and Orphan Boy.

Anyway I got home and then ended up going for drinks with some friends and talked about some amazing stuff but I think this post is already too long so you’ll have to wait – suffice to say that I believe that the tinternet is the future and some other stuff.

So here are my 3 favorite songs of the moment – they beautifully invoke (have I used this word 4 times already!) that feeling of wistful melancholy that Autumn brings – empty skylines devoid of both clouds and leaves, skeletal trees standing fast against the pre winter frost – naked on a hill top overlooking the skyscrapers across the river, deciduous, glowing warm and late into the eve.

Joanna Newsom – Cosmia

Bat For Lashes – The Wizard

Bat For Lashes – What’s A Girl To Do?

Buy some Joanna Newsom from emusic here and I can’t find the Bat For Lashes album to purchase but I’m sure its out. Playlouder has the single here. The Bat For Lashes site has snippets which you can grab below – she’s fucking awesome.

Bat For Lashes – Bat’s Mouth (Long Snippet

Bat For Lashes – Horse And I (Long Snippet)

Bat For Lashes – Trophy (Long Snippet)

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I’m Tired

September 12, 2006 at 8:59 pm (Blogs, Classics, Mixtape, Summer Banger!!!)

Dancing on a chair and then falling off it at while Skull Juice or Justice DJ’d at Blogger’s Delight on Sunday + being far too excited at the amazing Los Campesinos gig last night + having to get up far to early to get to my mind numbing customer service hell (3 days left wooot!) = me being sooooooo tired. I’ve had that stupid flickering eyelid thing since I woke up this morning so I’m going to bed. Just wanted to quickly post this mix by Jamal Ali and Edwin Houghton – I’ve mentioned them before here – this mix is perfect Autumn grooves (yeah I know that word is kinda lame but what!)

Edwin Houghton & Jamal Ali – 48 Hours In Transit

The Fader had this to say about the mix when it came out: ‘The second, 48 Hours In Transit, was constructed by longtime FADER contributor Edwin Houghton and Jamal Ali (aka Stats and Black) for T5S’s Subscript label, and its 28 tracks roll through everything from Q-Tip and D’Angelo to the Juan Maclean and Panjabi Hit Squad’s sick remix of Beenie Man’s “Dude.”

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Blogger’s Delight

September 10, 2006 at 10:43 am (Blogs, Mixtape)

Blogger’s Delight is today at the Lock Tavern in Camden – get on their myspace for the full line up but Stupid Hat friends Radioclit and Casper Fluo are both playing. Stupid Hat will even be playing next month so come support the cause – oh and its free AND they have some special secret guest DJs who you don’t wanna miss.

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Mixtape Sunday = Fresh Like Damn

September 9, 2006 at 5:08 pm (Blogs, Future Classic, Mixtape, Summer Banger!!!)

So I’m back in my home town Norwich today and I had the best day walking around in the sunshine, hooking up with people I haven’t seen in ages. This is the first time in like 10 years where I’ve felt really comfortable here – LDN can be so hectic sometimes. I never told you guys the story about the crack head who came up to me on Great Eastern St and asked for some money to get to the hospital and then showed me this huge fucking gaping wound on his arm – it was fucking wrong. Anyway I saw him again the other week and he showed me the same fucking rank wound – what the fuck is up with these people. I felt so sick. Anyway Norwich seems really happy and peaceful at the moment. So anyway I got home and saw the Top Billin guys became my friend on the new Stupid Hat myspace – yay thanks guys – they’ve got a new mix called Fresh Like Damn which I’m listening to now and its fucking great – props to Corey Hart. My favorite bit off the last one was where Sir Nenis? was rhyming over the Mysterions track going ‘Top Billin Vol 2, Volume 3 comin soon’ well yay its here – get on it.

Top Billin Vol 3 – Fresh Like Damn

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Go Do This

September 8, 2006 at 5:01 pm (Blogs, Future Classic, random)

Cansei De Ser Sexy play 93 ft East tonight – The Daily Growl has some live tunes.

Lost Penguin and friends play 333 tonight.

SebatiAn’s remix of Nadiya is the best song in the world – get it at Palms Out Sounds. Suprising that such an amazing tune could come from something as wack as this – maybe I need to hear his remix of Si Loin De Vous which must be even better.

Casper C from Fluokids launches his new night Blogger’s Delight at the Lock Tavern on Sunday with guest including Headphone Sex, Radioclit and some insane special guests that I’m not allowed to talk about!!!!!.

Upside Down Stupid Hat gets myspace – come be our friend.

Los Campesinos play Water Rats on Monday.

(no downloads today as I’m at my parents and can’t get yousendit to work)

Oh and make sure to check out Neil Boorman’s new Bonfire Of The Brands site as its moved from Blogger.

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Get Involved – Paul Devro Edition

September 6, 2006 at 12:04 am (Blogs, Classics, Future Classic, Grumble Grumble, Mixtape, Summer Banger!!!)

So I’ve literally had one of the oddest / most rubbish but at the same time good days in my life – some of the major reasons I’m not gonna discuss here but others include working back at a shit job I had a year ago for some cash in hand work – I worked there for a whole year and I only just managed today – its seriously the most mind numbing shit that I’ve ever had to deal with. I left work and had a meeting with some cool ‘creative’ magazine who need some hook ups with some bands which was cool (if I forget then remind me about the sucking satan’s cock post I have planned). Then I went to see my new favorite band We Are Invasion who are soooo soo good and I’m completely in love with the lead singer. Then I ended up hooking up with some friends and having beers which was good but somehow odd – the last few days for all sorts of reasons have really left me reeling and I just feel fucked to be honest, all day I kept thinking my brain was going to just fall out of my ears and land on the desk in front of me. So imagine my joy when I get an email from my boy Paul Devro saying he’s got a new mix from Radio Zero. I fucking love this blog – its new and a bit shit but I’ve gotten to meet some really amazing people through it and also had some amazing ego boosting compliments from people I respect which is very important when you’re some unemployed dude trying to maskerade as a freelance ‘music knower’. I actually like that term because it is exactly what I profess to be – I just kinda know some shit. I like it like that – some people I love and I want to help tell the world about them and I get to. Paul Devro who I have never met but if my CMJ plan goes to plan maybe I will – but yeah Paul Devro plays amazing tunes and also most importantly seems like a really nice guy who sends me e-mails when I most need them. I’m not even half way into this mix and already I feel like the world is a better place – thanks dude – I owe you a beer.

Radio Zero – Paul Devro Edition Sept 1st 06

So after all my cut and pasting of links I’m now a little after half way through this mix and seriously its so good – who knew Canadians knew anything about 2-Step – I love UK Garage and used to play so many tunes when I DJ’d in Bristol, of course mixed in with all sorts of French house and Hip Hop.

You should go and buy Paul Devro’s legitimate fucking awesome mixtape from his site here

Anyway sorry to turn this blog into a 14 year old dear diary style thing but life is tricky some times – you get older every day and you become able to deal with certain situations but then new situations arrive that you have never dealt with – I dunno – bust this mix – its fucking amazing – I’m near the end now and there’s some Moments Of Love Paul Devro remix of some Rashid ft T.I tune and now were into some Reggaeton tune that I’ve never heard but is produced by Devro which is proper. Get the tracklisting to this mix here.

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