Split Single – The Far Cries / Popular Workshop

August 29, 2006 at 5:41 pm (Future Classic, Songs)

It could be that this weekend’s fun has diminished my writing ability or perhaps that I’m not really a journo and actually don’t really have any writing ability to diminish in the first place but I’m finding it really difficult to describe the two tunes that feature on the upcoming split single from London bands The Far Cries and Popular Workshop. So they’re both uptempo guitar based bands but I wouldn’t say punk funk (which I don’t like as a genre name although I have used it in the past). The The Far Cries tune has quite a staccato drum style similair to that of Bloc Party and that melodic mutli vocal chorus or is it a middle 8 – I don’t fucking know but they don’t really sound like Bloc Party and have been mentioned in the same breath as Nirvana and the The Kills! The Popular Workshop tune starts with some fast drumming and heavy riffs that could be mistaken for Placebo or perhaps The Go! Team but then in comes some angular lead guitar and the tune turns into something completely different. Both tunes are fast and heavy but also very catchy – the sort of tunes that will have every skinny jean teen at your local indie disco pogoing (is that a word?) his / her ass off.

The Far Cries – When Your Heart Spills

Popular Workshop – Sean

The single will be released as a Ltd 7″ on Tiger Trap Records and is released on Sept 4th – you defo wanna get a copy of this as they’re obviously both going to go on to great things. Check their myspazz’s (The Far Cries and Popular Workshop) for gig listings, to tell them how much you love them and for more downloads. I reckon your best bet for copping one of the 7″s is Rough Trade.


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  1. tigertrap said,

    w00t! thanks.

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