Mixtape Monday 6

August 28, 2006 at 4:20 pm (Mixtape, Summer Banger!!!)

So this weekend was wicked, Big Ups to Youngblood Brass Band, Spank Rock and People Are Germs who rocked TDK. Also Big Ups to Lost Penguin who’s show last night was amazing as ever. Last Night’s Party went down to the Troubled Minds gig which I missed and you can check the photos here. Cobra Snake is also in town at the moment – perhaps there’s a party photographer convention!!

There’s not really any theme to todays Mixtape Monday – I got this Curtis Vodka mix the other day and can’t stop playing it. Its a live set I think from a club called Caviar in Gothenburg – the party must have been insane. I copped this DJ Ayres and Cosmo Baker mix recently – super good disco. At carnival yesterday I got given this Lupe Fiasco mix – the mix isn’t that amazing but the tunes are.

Curtis Vodka – Caviar Gothenburg Mix

DJ Ayres and Cosmo Baker – Baby Loves Disco

DJ Envy Presents Lupe Fiasco As Chi Town Guevara Mixtape

You can purchase some Vodka stuff from Flamin Hotz and both Ayres and Cosmo Baker have stores on their sites. The Lupe album isn’t out yet but it will be available everywhere when it comes out.


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