Strange Games

August 26, 2006 at 3:45 pm (Classics, Future Classic, Summer Banger!!!)

So the other day Bumrocks posted one of my favorite tunes Stange Games and Things by Love Unlimited Orchestra – its so beautiful. I’ve got a couple of compilations called Natural High – its all smooth west coast soul and rare groove from the 70’s but then there’s a tune called Stange Funky Games and Things by Jay Dee – I can never work out whether it was THE Jay Dee – I guess it must be but surely he wasn’t making tunes back then! Anyway its beautiful and also reminds me of Marc Mac’s cover of Ike’s Mood by Isaac HayesMarc Mac is a fucking genius and the closest the UK has to a Jay Dee – 4hero are responsible for some of the most important jungle tunes and their later albums are just great – you should have them all. On volume 3 of the Natural High series is my favorite from the whole series – Leon Ware – That’s What I came To Californa – fucking amazing saturday tune.

Jay Dee – Strange Funky Games And Things

Marc Mac – Ike’s Mood I

Leon Ware – That’s Why I Came to California

Amazon has both Natural High Vol 1 and Natural High Vol 3. Cop Marc Mac’s album Dirty Old Hip Hop from emusic here.



  1. slutty fringe said,

    I think Jaydee was Barry White under an alias

  2. grumblemouse said,

    really? hmmmm I guess it could be – but the tune sounds soo Jay Dee – but of course it could be – wow maybe thats where DillaDog got his name from

  3. Amy said,

    yeah- it was Barry White’s band and arrangement but as who to Jay Dee is, that’s a bit of a mystery. He went back to obscruro land after this track..

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